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Hagerty Employee

Piston Slap: A Chevy's floaty Will Carter?

Sidney writes: I rebuilt a Carter WCFB 4 barrel carb on my 1955 Chevy. Fuel pump working as it should (pulsates and sprays gas each time cam lobe activates it). Though the fuel float bowl is full, can't get gas into the accelerator pump chamber of the carb.

There may also be a ball bearing in the passage below the accelerator pump that is stuck. Also a passage could be blocked. I'm not familiar with the 4 barrel Carter, but I'd be carefully inspecting those passages and find a factory service manual that shows the passages and how the accelerator pump bowl is filled.

Love the car! I could make my favorite LS joke here, but I shant. 🙂
It sounds like the fuel filter, on the carb, might be in backwards. Don't ask me how I figured that one out, once, a long time ago. It could also be the float is set too low or possibly a needle and seat that is stuck. Mikes Carburetor is an incredible resource!
As an alternative, if absolute originality isn't that important to you; a guy could switch out to an Edelbrock carb. They are a new evolution of the WCFB's younger brother the Carter AFB. The current Edelbrock and Carter built AFB have a dual bolt pattern, but you might want to make sure the butterflies are in the correct positions when bolting to an original intake manifold.