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Pikes Peak will put you to the ultimate test; just ask Randy Pobst and Unplugged Performance

After stuffing a heavy crash near Pikes Peak’s “Bottomless Pit,” Unplugged Performance has begun rebuilding their 2020 Tesla Model 3 in the hopes of being able to meet tomorrow’s pack-in deadline for Sunday’s race. This will be one of the hardest-fought thrashes to ever happen in the name of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, as the team has bought a whole-new Model 3 from a nearby dealership to strip for donor parts, as PPIHC requires that the same vehicle be raced through the entire week with no replacements. Many teams suffer from crashes and mechanical failures, but nothing before has gone through the $55,000 question of how fast a Model 3 can be stripped while another is pulled straight and rebuilt ...


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Replies (1)

Replies (1)

Has Randy Pobst ever tried to catch anything that heavy once it is out of shape? Maybe he should count himself lucky and leave pushing the EV cars-exclusively-for-elites narrative to someone else. 

Intermediate Driver