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Hagerty Employee

Pigs still can't fly, but the Porsche Cayenne is starting to become collectible | Hagerty Media

Bob Dylan performed his first electric concert at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. For acoustic music aficionados in those days, guitars with pickups were the devil. Seeing Bob plug in was viewed as the ultimate betrayal, prompting enraged shouts of "Judas," severely harshing the mellow of the event, or whatever.
Advanced Driver

Saw a Wheeler Dealers Cayenne episode recently where they found easy cheap fixes for its problems. However as they discussed what it might have cost them had they not investigated and fixed it themselves, the $$$ figures went to crazy levels. This is clearly a vehicle best suited for a skilled home mechanic who does his homework, because you sure don't want one inside of a typical "replace them parts!" shop.
New Driver

I got mine! We moved to the desert in New Mexico last year. We bought a house adjacent to thousands of acres of BLM desert which is crisscrossed with trails. The Cayenne handles it all well. Rob didn’t point out that the Cayenne (mine’s a turbo) is a hoot to drive—on road and off.

I don’t see it as a collectible. I see it as a Porsche as a popular used  daily driver more can afford and live daily with.

Pit Crew

Sharing platforms with the Audi Q7 and VW Touareg provides for stable on/off road capability. A stock Touareg with adjustable ride height, (over 12") and 2 locking diffs will actually out-perform a stock Jeep Wrangler off road. The Cayenne may be less sophisticated, but the more powerful engines offer more fun... with much higher maintenance costs. Ultimately, there will be few bargains, as restoration costs for a turbo Cayenne can easily exceed appreciation potential. Find a nice V10 Touareg!