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Hagerty Employee

Pick your all-time favorite Mazda coupe from these factory photos

People going to sleep with a hardcover edition of Encyclopædia Britannica tucked under their pillow—or, perhaps, journalists who simply ate too much shrimp at a BMW Gran Coupe event—will tell you that a coupe can have any number of doors as long as the roofline says you're looking at a sportier and lighter motorcar. I'm a member of the two-doors-only club, however, one that welcomes all the Mazdas you're about to see.


From 360s through Cosmos, RX-7s, and plenty of Japanese-market luxury, we arrive at the current MX-5 Miata RF, a folding hardtop holding the line until Mazda's new turbo straight-six can find its way into the nose of something that's similarly rear-wheel drive yet also larger and much faster.


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Pit Crew

RX-3 SP was absolutely the best. Shame it wasn't in the pictures. 

Pit Crew

You know what? You are so close to the truth that I shall find one and add.

Intermediate Driver

Luce R130, mid 1970's RX4 hardtop, the Cosmo 3-Rotor, Autozam AZ-1 and RX-8, I love them all!  How do I chose?  

Pit Crew

It's a tough one, but multiple answers are accepted 😉

Pit Crew

Had a girlfriend in high school who drove an RX-2. I raced her in my Capri 2600. It was very close. 

New Driver

So many great looking, innovative cars, it's not possible for me to pick just one.