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Hagerty Employee

Petersen Museum does it again with vintage Triumph Spitfire video

The Petersen Museum may be closed to the public at the moment, but it’s doing its best to keep automotive enthusiasts entertained online. We’ve featured the museum’s educational programs for kids and a virtual tour of its vault, but the Petersen has also been rolling out vintage videos too, and some—like Craig Breedlove’s jet-powered land speed attempt to eclipse 600 mph—have never been seen before. Read the full article on

Hagerty Employee

Jeff you need to reenact these scenes in your Spit!

Pit Crew

Could almost smell the smells and feel the sun heating up the cockpit! Had a spitfire in 1970 in SoCal. My wife’s daily driver modified suspension. Swing arms arms made the rear pretty twitchy. Added sway bars put a load on the rear end aluminum case. Cracked two of them before switching over to a Mini  Cooper. Fun but an expensive hobby especially if something broke.


Hagerty Employee

Those Spits look so delicate. Would love a GT6. I bet they sound pretty sweet.

Put a 12a rotary with its 5 speed in a Spitfire and blew the rear end had to put Datsun 510 diff to handle the power,the car was fast and a lot of fun.

Community Manager

That isn't just awesome, that is beyond awesome.