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Parted Out? The future of car components in an EV world | Hagerty Media

This is the latest in a series of Hagerty Insider articles on the future of classic cars in an electrified world. Catch up with an examination of the impact of internal-combustion engine bans in Europe or an exploration of what regulations might come into effect in the United States.
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Intermediate Driver

Just do what I do... I have no intention of buying an electric car, so the companies that make them can go sh_t in their hat.... & yes, that includes Ford & their bast_rd off spring Mach E. I now have 4 Fords & also Ford stock, & while I'll keep my existing cars, I'm already contemplating dumping all my Ford stock! Wonder what they'll do if other Ford stock holders don't buy their E cars .... & yes trucks.. & also dump their stock?? Right now, I think it's criminal that the IRS would provide a tax credit for EV sales that all taxpayers have to pay out of their own pockets to subsidize!
Pit Crew

As the dealer lots pile-up with unsalable EVs, get ready for the HUGE gov bailouts and the HUGE incentives, as well as the HUGE taxes on gasoline and oil. 

Pit Crew

These car companies are making a big mistake in thinking they will be money making companies on EV only cars. There is still a lot that has to be done and I think the idea that these companies won't be selling ICE is crazy. Instead of focusing one one type or another, there is no reason these companies can't produce both, especially in todays capabilities. ICE vehicles are much better today than even a few years ago and are getting better. Hybrids are also another option . Don't force one or the other on everyone. Let consumer demand decide what works best, not government mandates or big company CEOs decide what the people need.. EVs aren't for everyone, ICEs aren't for everyone.. There are issues that need to be address with EV's before we make these mandates before we get ourselves into a no return crises .
Intermediate Driver

I really don't think anyone need concern themselves about BEV's or parts for their classics. Take a look at the polar icecaps or what's left of them and their accelerated depletion year to year. The planets A/C has a freon leak, yearly heat records broken, worldwide drought. Remember 30 years ago when climate scientists were telling the world we have 10 years to act? The original 1968 Planet of the Apes had a great scene at the end when George Taylor (Charlton Heston) and his girlfriend came upon a half buried Statue of Liberty and he realized we had done it to ourselves. Remember it!

Get your nose out of the comic books. Yes icecaps deplete then revive. There is record heat because it's summer. There have been record heatwaves for centuries in summer. Record cold spells in winter. Climate records are made to be broken. Climate change has been happening for some 4 billion years here. Your comrade government decides to scare you to death with udopian data and turn your fears into an avenue to revenue. It's all about the money. If you follow the money that will lead you to the hoax. After all it's Mother Nature Mr. Wizard.
Intermediate Driver

The last comic book I read was Bible.

Know how atheists pass what's left of their time while trapped in their death beds? If you don't know here is the answer. They thumb through the Holy Bible looking for a loop hole.
Intermediate Driver

Don't know how you could reach that conclusion. Not looking for any loophole, I'll call it BULL**bleep** with my last breath.

I keep getting calls from Comrade Chairman Gavin telling me to not charge my EV during peak hours. Gee Gav, commiefornia is going all EV by 2035, you think you'll have a grid by then? Rolling black outs today just plain blacked out tomorrow with Gav's Udopian wind and solar paradise. Enjoy your future comrades. Invest in a couple of dozen comfortable pairs of shoes to better enjoy your walk.
New Driver

EV's are an interesting concept, but what will happen to EV's or all modern cars (or our computer controlled infrastructure) if our friends in North Korea set off an Electromagnetic Pulse device? We will be in the dark ages except for cars (or infrastructure) that is old school with no semiconductor devices. Cars with points and a coil will run until the gas runs out. That's why the Russians used vacuum tubes in there essential military systems.
Pit Crew

when they make a golf cart that will go at least 450-500 miles on a charge that costs the same or less than a normal automobile, I might be interested.
last week I used a crew cab 4wd 3/4 ton pickup to tow a 28 foot trailer to a jobsite 200 miles away.
is there an electric car that can do that?
nope, and there never will be.
is there ever going to be an electric 4wd pickup that can tow a mini excavator or bobcat to a jobsite??
nope. not now, not ever.

and this isnt even getting into Tesla refusing to sell repair parts, Tesla even has a team of people who sit all day and search the internet car auction sites looking for insurance companies selling wrecked Teslas, so they can harvest the VIN and lock those VINs out of their charging network.
if your Tesla ever gets wrecked, you can never use it at a Tesla charging station again.
If GM is so focused on the enviroment, why did they STOP making the hybrid Tahoes?
it seemed to be a well thought out tacked on addition.
just the transmission was changed to add the electric motor.

bumping a pickup or SUV from 15 mpg to 20 MPG saves the same gasoline as bumping a car from 35 mph to 50 mpg.
go ahead and do the math, I will wait. even if you went to a govt school, you should be able to compute that.

for me, I have several vintage vehicles. but for the daily driver beaters, its all about the money.
if I can get a used car for under $5K that gets 35-40 mpg , why would I spend $50K for a glorified golf cart with the same range as my camry or accord if the camry or accord only had a 3 gallon gas tank? we have a VW turbo diesel 5 speed that gets 40 mpg, we paid $5K for it,used, TEN years ago, it currently has 250K on it and we have no plans to get rid of it.
why would I spend $50K for a golf cart with the same range as the VW if it had 3 gallons of diesel in the tank? oh and turn the AC on full blast and sit in traffic for a hour, see what that does to the range.

met one of my co workers the other day at a jobsite, I drove the 12 mpg truck.
they drove their Nissan Leaf.
I sent them a few miles away to pick up some pipe glue. 2 hours later they arrive back, and explain that their Leaf only has a 90 miles range, they had used up 45 of it driving to the jobsite and then driving to the hardware store drained some more, and they had to find a vacant charging station to recharge their car enough so they would be able to drive back home at the end of the day.
the only way these electric car will ever be viable is if and when the all powerful govt forces the
companies to make them and forces the consumers to buy them . by decree, which the libtards in commiefornia have already done. manufacture this inferior crappy product that no one wants to buy or else! buy this inferior crappy product, or else!
these decrees just hurt the poor people that the liberals always claim they care about.
its really about power and control over the peasants.

at some point a hundred years from now when an electric car costs the same or less than a gasoline car and can be recharged with 400 miles of range in 20 minutes, at one of tens of thousands of stations, it might be viable. until then, forget it

Mr. Roundhouse, you are 110% correct. I appreciate someone who can tap a multi paragraphed comment and hit the nail squarely on the head with each and every one of them. Thanx.
Pit Crew

The batteries are the elephant in the room. Not only the usual stuff about range. They have a very high replacement cost, meaning that an EV is totaled when it is about 12 years old, while an internal combustion car can easily last 20 to 25 years. No one is talking about the huge disposal problem of these large batteries when they are used up. All the environmentalists pushing for EVs will be howling about how terrible they are once there are mountains of dead batteries and nothing to do with them.

Final issue is urban charging. I charge my EVs at home (yes I have them...doesn't mean I think they are right for everyone), but people who have to park on the street will be constantly struggling to keep their cars charged. Curbside chargers are unworkable. They will be vandalized and / or stripped by copper thieves immediately.
Intermediate Driver

If I were a brand X car dealer and brand X is going all electric in year Z, I would load up on ICE and hybrid vehicles in year Z-1. Looking at the percentage of electric sales in total vehicle sales, I think the techies who are going gung ho on electric (with all due respect to their efforts and motives) and our unelected government bureaucracy have lost sight of what the general public wants. (The same could be said of autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles, but that's another battle...) I would not be surprised to see leftover ICE and low mileage ICE vehicles carrying a price markup as manufacturers go more and more or all electric.

I don't hate electric cars. I think for some people they are just fine. For my use. the range - coupled with the sensitivity of range to temperature - gives me pause. For me, a 250 to 500 mile day of driving is not uucommon. And even if there was a charger within 10 miles of every point on the map, the recharging time (I love they way writers describe it a "just" 22 or 25 or 30 minutes) is time I do not have to sit around.

New Driver

This has absolutely nothing to do with the article but it horribly irks me so I need to say something. The cover photo for this article, the audi i5, was a very nice photo so I decided to save it to my laptop to use it as my background. After saving the image I saw the name was "Kettler_Motorsport_Audi_Ur_Quattro-77-2" which, unless this very specific picture is from an oddly and unlikely engine swapped car, is inaccurate. The engine in the pic is KW which was only available in the 84-86 sport quattro, not the ur-quattro. I'm sorry.
Pit Crew

Another huge issue that is seldom mentioned is reduced battery output in cold climates. There is about a 20% drop in output of lithium batteries at 14°F and that increases rapidly as temps get lower. Worse yet at cold temps charge rates have to be significantly reduced or damage to the battery can occur. This extends charging times. In the northern tier of states on December 21 when you've got headlights on for all but a few hours a day, the defroster/heater blasting, the wipers trying to brush the snow away and the tires slipping in ice/'re gonna have very little range. And you won't want to walk

I think Hagerty should arrange to have Aaron's column above, which is excellent work as well as Jack Baruth's work published nationally so that anybody thinking about buying an electric car will think twice. Both business and finance types think that the EV won't be fully matured until at least 2150 if then, and it won't look like anything anybody is using today.
There's too much hysteria about this and other issues now, the general circulation press having lost its balance. I also think that the price of the cars has to come down before there's any real threat to the parts business. Drive old cars.

Please all look up SAE Automotive Engineering magazine.


This is a great source of information on the future of what is going on in the auto industry. This info is mostly on things 5 years out. 

They are not pro EV or Anti EV. They are about products and development. They also have extensive info on the future of ICE and ICE development. 

Please read this as it put the reality into what is going on vs the usual uninformed crap on the web and forums. We all can learn much and  better anticipate what is coming and when. 

Being informed with good info is important to me since my lively hood. It should really matter to all as this is a major part of our life and hobby. 

Just going on the web making snide remarks and from the hip opinions has really clouded the truth snd how many will be caught off guard. 

Change is coming. No it is not going to be easy or pain free to all. No it is not on a time clock as to when everything changes. Yes it will be over decades. 
Yes economics for automakers are in major play. 

ICE is going to be around in some forms but it will become more limited and not in the form you may always like. Let’s face it most engines today are 4 cylinders and now reaching 3 cylinders as V8 and 6 engines are slowly disappearing. This is a strong signal of the changes. 



I'm sorry but I'm not going to put an electric motor in my Supra or in my future V8 powered sedan. The engine is part of the character. Without that character the car is a lot less interesting to me. If I wanted to go faster I could do that right now, nothing is stopping me from having "1,000hp" but I don't feel the need for it. I have more interest in a hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai than I do an electric running on batteries.

As EVs become more popular things will begin to shift, for starters I do not see the ICE and gasoline going away instantly, keep in mind that there are industries, such as Aviation which using electric will be difficult, so Fossil Fuels will be around, although more expensive.
ICE cars will still be sold on the used market for at least 20 or 30 years as not everyone is going to be able to afford a new EV, unless like you said the government gives away money to do so, they already are BTW.
I think about some cars that I have from the 60's they did not make many of them but yet there is some support for them, even though many larger companies might turn away from supporting older cars I suspect that smaller companies will pop up to take up the slack, but it will mean an increase in prices for keeping those old gems on the road. People who love their old car will find ways around things, just look at Cuba, they are still driving cars from the 50's.
1) Supply and demand will drive the shift
2) Other companies will step in as the needs arise (albeit at an inflated price)
3) no point in worrying about it... The way I see it, Good clean ICE vehicles might demand a premium especially if they are in good condition, then again, maybe not.

Just wait until the government catches up and figures out that because road taxes are based upon gasoline, and EV's are charged at home, that they will either A) charge your Electric bill a fee for your EV, B) Charge you by the mile you drive every year C) some other means to get $$

This is a very emotional topic and it is best if we are not emotional and be rational. 


We are seeing exaggerations on both sides and it is clouding the truth of what is going on and how it is happening. This is not good for anyone. 


We all need to get better informed on what is going on and why and stop the false info from floating around. 


The basic car and light trucks will be changing over as that is now what the automakers want to do. It is like Digital TV you can keep your old TV but it will not be easy. 


I expect Medium and heavy trucks to remain with Fueled engines for a while till tech permits them to make the change. But in 30 years a lot can change. Just look at how it was 30 years go today. Who thought we would have 700 HP Dodges. Back then we wondered if there would even be a Dodge. 


The cold hard fact is car people like us are now in the minority today. We used to be the heart of the market and people identified with their cars but several generations of uninspired imports and Minivans has left us with a society that rate vehicles with a refrigerator. 


But the things that keep getting tossed up as road blocks are already being sorted out. Trust me the government will get their tax one way or another. No one rides free. 


While EV is not my preference it also is not the end of the world. More cars will be fast and easier to buy. They may be different not always in a good way but I expect the automakers will look to make them interesting. 


Think out side the box here. Today we lack manual trannys due to the lack of sales and high cost to meet emissions.  In the future there will be no high cost so a low volume manual shift could be offered. The EV could be programed to work with the transmission.  The skies the limit to other things that could be cooked up to make them interesting. 


Again we need to learn that the future cars path is set. But we need to Shepard the old cars to where we cans still enjoy them in the real world.  We have people that would like to tax them out of use like they are in some countries. If you don't wan t your Jag to become a coffee table in your family room and keep it on the road start the fight now. 





Advanced Driver

Nothing to do with this topic, but hopefully somebody at Haggerty will read this. I have been unable to post in several of the latest newsletters. I click on the leave comment button up top, but when it gets there there's a Comments line, but no box to post a comment in. It was OK up until about July 28. Maybe look into it.

Ignorance is being manifest from all sides. Building plants and then electrified vehicles which will have no support base and which obviously cost more to produce, and which must be subsidized in order to "succeed"--shows how fickle the mind can be in the face of the Truth. We don't even own the raw materials from which the guts for these vehicles must be composed. Cities are gearing up to eliminate gasoline-powered traffic--while they are trying to move the populace into "high density housing". While huge corporations are building their manufacturing centers to rural areas. There is a massive contradiction happening and the masses of people appear to be oblivious to it.