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Hagerty Employee

Panther Pink is still one of Mopar's wildest colors

Whether you're a Dodge fan and prefer Panther Pink or a Plymouth fan fond of Moulin Rouge, the paint code and the result are the same: a shockingly bright hue that was never seen on a car before its January 1970 debut. The FM3 paint code made its way onto the Mopar muscle cars filling showrooms by the early spring. It was gone as soon as it had arrived and only made it onto a few 1971 models after it was removed from regular production in the summer of 1970, by which time it had been selected by only a few hundred buyers. Despite its short-lived tenure, it made a lasting impact on Mopar collectors. In 2010, Dodge offered Furious Fuschia, which is the closest we've seen to the memorable hue since.


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