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Hagerty Employee

Painting a small-block Chevy engine (plus bonus 1060HP blower SBC footage!) | Redline Update

Work continues on our Chevy small-block V8 engine. Davin preps the block and heads by taping off everything he doesn't want Chevy Orange. Then it's off to Traverse Body & Paint where the magic happens.
Pit Crew

Blown 400 footage was awesome, more please! Would love to see you running the car as well.
Pit Crew

Very nice racing engine. Glad it's black!
Pit Crew

Blower engine was awesome! Keep us updated how your drag season goes. I have been a car guy all my life but have very limited mechanical skills so I do enjoy all of you project videos. You do an excellent job explaining the process as you go. My skill set is centered on polishing my ‘70 Chevelle SS396 that makes me feel 26 again when I drive to car shows. Great work, please keep it coming.
Pit Crew

Just curious what dragstrips Davin runs at?