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P.D. Cunningham reunites with his legendary Gen 4 Honda Prelude

Starting in 1993, Peter “P.D.” Cunningham and his racing team, RealTime Racing (RTR), began an impressive run of wins that have been unmatched in the annals of racing. Cunningham and RTR were amazingly successful, first with Hondas and later with Acuras.


The car that started it all was a Gen 4 1992 Honda Prelude Si; it was the 24th Prelude to come off the line, built in August 1991, with the VIN 000024. After serving a tour of duty as a press car for American Honda, the car was turned over to Cunningham and RTR, and became the team’s first purpose-built race car. (Prior to VIN 000024, RTR had raced showroom-stock cars that basically competed with welded-in roll cages and a few other safety improvements.) When Cunningham switched to racing an Acura NSX GT in 1996, RTR hired four-time SCCA Club Racing National Champion Michael Galati to take over campaigning VIN 000024 ...


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Great story about an amazing driver and organization.  THANKS!