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Hagerty Employee

Overshadowed by its GM descendant, McLaughlin is the unsung hero of Canada's automotive history | Hagerty Media

No tale of Canadian automotive history is complete without McLaughlin. The company, now known as General Motors of Canada, actually predates the automobile, and is so important to the company that, when my father retired from General Motors, the watch he received didn't depict a Chevy or a Buick, but a McLaughlin.
New Driver

This is a great story and I fully agree with the notion of a restoration with the intent of it being a driver. Every vintage automobile owner can find a flaw or two, but the general public seeing it driving around a neighbourhood or along country roads will be in awe. I am and I am just lookout at the photos. Case Janson, well done sir.

Thank you for the Fossmobile reference and link within the article. Many might be interested to know that George Foss taught Sam McLaughlin how to drive and sold him his first car. Circa 1902 in Montreal, Quebec. The Fossmobile too, is insured with Hagerty.

Maybe the clerk would have believed Jansen if he'd given the serial number as 1281.