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Hagerty Employee

Out in the wild: the 392-powered Jeep Wrangler is making rounds

If these spy photos are any indication, it looks like Jeep is serious about a V-8-powered Wrangler.


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HAS ANYBODY SEEN THE ENGINE BAY? That hood is for the new Mohave Desert Rated JEEPs.

Pit Crew

Will be interesting to see how much is truth and how much is trolling. If true, it will be really interesting to see how it stacks up in the real world against the Bronco with the 2.7 and the 10 speed. 

New Driver


People are going bonkers over the look sof the new Bronco, especially the 2-door. The diesel is currently only available in the 4-door Wrangler "mall-crawler" and the Gladiator, not the 2-door Wrangler. If they put it in the 2-door they could pick up some easy, long awaited sales! I didn't buy a new JL because of no diesel or half-doors. Wonder how much I can get for my half-door Wrangler JK on a trade-in on a Bronco?...

New Driver

Manual transmission, please!

Intermediate Driver

If they put a V-8 in the Wrangler it would be more appropriate to use the smaller 5.7/345 than the 6.4/392. I would expect to see the smaller one in any production units, save maybe a few "special editions" with the larger motor. That still puts it at about 100 hp over the 2.6L V-6.  Those things were never meant for high speeds. Yes, it can be done, even somewhat safely, but a high power Wrangler isn't something just anyone should be driving.


Let's see here now... 450 horsies galloping through Dana 44's. Yep, those axles will last about ...that long when the tires finally get a grip on pavement. I foresee 3500-series Ram Dana 60's being ordered. Lots of Dana 60's. And the drivelines will be sacrificed to the gods when the lift kits are bolted on, along with the biggest Redeye superchargers that can be found (and some nitrous just because!)

Community Manager

I was thinking the same thing too...Dana 60s would have to join that motor if it made production.