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Out in Oregon, this die-hard Cadillac fanatic lives amongst his herd

Dan Morehouse grew up heavily steeped in his father’s obsession in Ford vehicles and parts, but Morehouse’s automotive fate drew him elsewhere—Cadillacs. What started in college with a couple of 1959 Cadillacs that he sold to buy a house turned into a whole lot more, despite his best efforts.


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Replies (5)

Replies (5)

What a delightful case of caddiction !

New Driver

I was only in 1 Caddy my whole life but now, I have a 96 SVT Cobra and in less than 50 miles my back hurts & I have had enough! The Caddys are so comfy and quiet and roomy and smooth. Everything my Ford is not. I think when the Ford is sold I will go for a pre-69 Full size Pontiac Gran Prix. These are affordable and pretty comfy. Anyways beautiful yard and good story too, thanx.


Absolutely unbelievable collection. When I started in old cars it was with a 1934 Austin Ten Four Door and my wife said that i wouldn't be able to live with it for more than 6 months before I would have to buy a larger car. She was correct, so I bought a 1947 Cadillac but I didn't sell the Austin. From then on it became a disease/obsession, call it what you like but it never leaves you. I am now 81 and although I don't have old cars anymore, I still have a 1933 Calthorpe motorcycle and a 1986 Honda Rebel motorcycle that I ride as often as I can. As for the Austin Ten, I had it for 29 years before emigrating to UK. From the smallest to the largest, a 1948 Hudson Commodore straight eight convertible, they were all great cars to have owned.

Pit Crew

Thank you for the write-up!  As you can see, just a little bit of crazy here;). Hope everyone enjoys the Virtual Tour! 


Oh, boy. If I had the room, the '57 seville coupe and the '60 Fleetwood behind it would be mine. 



Intermediate Driver