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Our closest look yet at the NASCAR Next Gen prototype

This week, NASCAR brought its Next Gen prototype out for multi-car tests at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Two evaluations were completed by Martin Truex Jr. and Kurt Busch, using the Roval layout Monday and the oval on Wednesday. Truex Jr. tested a black car built by Action Express racing, while Busch tested the blue “P3” prototype built by NASCAR and Richard Childress Racing. We were able to visit the track on Monday to observe the Roval test directly, yielding some important new details about the Next Gen car.


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Replies (9)

Replies (9)

Yawn. So they have reinvented the Trans Am car. 

NASCAR is lost and have yet to find their way home. 

First get rid of the Chase and play off. I loved Elliot winning but it was Harvick championship. 

Get back to the small tracks in the south. imagine Bowman Gray as a stop? 

Racing in general is in trouble. The virus is killing the sport. The politics that are getting in is a poison. This is a sport and entertainment save the political BS for CNN where no one goes anymore. 



Good Lord.  The whining coming from the commenters so far has my head spinning.  Folks, if you don't like it....don't watch.  In the meantime let those of us who DO enjoy NASCAR do our thing, you do yours.  Simple.  


NASCAR might as well just build the entire car, including the engine. Make them available for rent to anyone that can afford it and end the whole "failed tech inspection" debacle. Hard work and ingenuity aren't rewarded anymore, they are penalized. If life was a "level playing field," there would be no hunger or strife or war. If we were meant to all be the same, we would all look the same. What's to become of those talented individuals that are currently employed by the various teams in their respective fab shops? Will NASCAR hire them to work in the Central Car Assembly Center (something that looms on the horizon) or will they be cast aside as no longer necessary, because robots will be building the cars? Oh, and they might as well paint them all the same shade of gray. I apologize if I sound negative about this, but modern "racing" has become so sanitized that it's not much fun to watch. Roger Penske said that his teams used to enjoy "an unfair advantage," but that meant that his people just produced superior efforts that spurred others to not just emulate but surpass. When a sanctioning body is more concerned about "the show" and television money, that spells doom for small teams that make up the bulk of the field.

Intermediate Driver

Only thing left to do now is to put the jack man out of work and equip the cars with pneumatic auto lifts. They've already done away with lugged hubs for tapered center nut hubs. They've taken the stockcar out of NASCAR along time ago anyway.

Intermediate Driver

NASCAR has been on a slow decline for years.

Remember when the "SC" in the name meant "Stock Car". 

I stopped watching when they started racing the fantasy V-8, 2 door, rear wheel drive Ford Taurus. Soon exhaust heat in the cockpit will not be a problem, the drivers will be racing remotely from air-conditioned trailers.

Pit Crew

Is that a Charger body? A Dodge return?

New Driver










The NASCAR joke continues to evolve.  Make all the cars the same.  Invent the "7 Lap Pace Car Parade" for "objects" on the track.  Elevate ticket prices to the highest in the industry.  Run races of indeterminate length with silly flag combinations for endings.  After almost 70 years discover that single-nut wheels will be more competitive than 5 nut wheels.   The children have grown up thinking NASCAR was bullet-proof.  They discovered greed and stupidity and put the beast to sleep.




New Driver

seems to me soon therewill be no more   Chevys  Dodges  Fords  ETC  just Nascars   Boring

New Driver

Remember IROC?  Right.  Spec-racing is awful in general. (See Indycar, too).  

Watch MotoGP!!!

Intermediate Driver