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Our 5 favorite wagons bound for 2020 Monterey Online auctions

Once dismissed as the more practical, more cumbersome cousin of the sedan, wagons have finally cultivated a following that appreciates their interesting lines and superior utility. True, some wagons aren’t an improvement over their sedan descendants, but sometimes the wagon versions replace an awkward C-pillar with more chrome, more glass, and a lot more cargo room. Some two-door wagons even have better proportions than the coupes they’re based on. Plus, tailgates add a bench when needed. When you’re a kid it’s tough to bear a rear-facing seat. The practical benefits go on and on!


While Monterey Car Week won’t be the same this year, there are still notable wagons that will be available during online auctions this August. Here are our favorites that are up for grabs at these Monterey Online sales. We’ll give the highlights and also suggest where we’d put their people-mover practicality to use.


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It's funny that somebody bothered to build a DB6 wagon. Car and Driver observed that a 383-powered 1966 Plymouth Fury III wagon was already faster, better handling and better riding than an Aston Martin DB6 coupe in their September 1966 issue. The Plymouth wagon also whipped the Aston Martin around Lime Rock. The attractiveness of the DB6 Coupe might justify its existence, but why sacrifice its looks to make a lesser interpretation of a vehicle type where mass production already revealed Aston Martin's weaknesses?

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