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Hagerty Employee

Our 5 favorite wagons bound for 2020 Monterey Online auctions

Once dismissed as the more practical, more cumbersome cousin of the sedan, wagons have finally cultivated a following that appreciates their interesting lines and superior utility. True, some wagons aren’t an improvement over their sedan descendants, but sometimes the wagon versions replace an awkward C-pillar with more chrome, more glass, and a lot more cargo room. Some two-door wagons even have better proportions than the coupes they’re based on. Plus, tailgates add a bench when needed. When you’re a kid it’s tough to bear a rear-facing seat. The practical benefits go on and on!


While Monterey Car Week won’t be the same this year, there are still notable wagons that will be available during online auctions this August. Here are our favorites that are up for grabs at these Monterey Online sales. We’ll give the highlights and also suggest where we’d put their people-mover practicality to use.


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Intermediate Driver

Although you mention it above without including it on the list-I think the Cadillac CTS Sportwagon should appear on the list. But it's your list-not mine. 

New Driver

The title of the article is: 

Our 5 Favorite Wagons Bound for 2020 Monterey Online Auctions

So I assume that these wagons are bound for the 2020 Monterey Online Auctions. There are a lot of wagons they could have chosen for a random article about wagons, but again, I refer to the name of the article.

Pit Crew

Racer50 is correct--this is a list of the wagons which have owners who no longer wish to own, keep, or drive them.  The technical term is "Get rid of it!!!!!"

New Driver

What, no 57 Chevy Nomads! Best looking wagon ever!!

New Driver

I had a 1974 Chevrolet Wagon - 3 seats facing front, a white interior rear leaf springs with a 400 transmission. It formerly a post office wagon with a red and white exterior. Took 5 children pulling a tent trailer from Toronto to White Rock ,B.C . It was a great adventure

Pit Crew

How could they leave out the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser / Buick Sportwagon with the distinctive raised roof and skylights over the cargo and second seat area.

Advanced Driver

Well, those probably weren't headed for the 2020 Monterey Online Auction.

Pit Crew

The Aston Martin looks a lot like a 2013 Mazda 3 HB Touring model.  

Pit Crew

Zagato Model 



The only wagon NOT to love is the 2019 Aston Martin. The 1966 Version, which is

logical curvy and stunning all at the same time is the car to have. The 2019 is as rude and uncompromising as some of the American trash and I'm surprised at the Designers.

Wagons can be handsome and practical at the same time. I 've had several and

the long roofs are wonderful versatile cars. 

I think either the designers have to go back to school or a new sort has to appear that has some intelligence about the use and overall image of the vehicle.


Intermediate Driver

Love 'em all. Well maybe not the Dodge so much, as I always thought it looked like it was designed by a committee that wasn't on speaking terms.  The Astons ? Thumbs and big toes up. P-1800ES? You betcha! Woodie wagons are neat but they make me schizo- I never knew whether to have them Ziebarted, Terminixed, or both.

Pit Crew


pure land yacht class

Advanced Driver

Speaking of the way that the Volvo 1800ES improves on the looks of the coupe, just about every Citroen wagon ever made looks better than the corresponding sedan. 

Pit Crew

Looks like you could 'eat your dinner' on the engine of the Olds wagon! Such a beautiful machine!

Ken, Cobourg, Ontario

Intermediate Driver

Air cleaners are not just for cleaning air, but also for "silencing" the noisy flow of air into the engine.  The larger air cleaner housing muffles the sound, as does a large exhaust muffler.  Cadillac and Oldsmobile were know for their quiet-running engines, back in the day.

Intermediate Driver

Make that "known"...


All of them are really cool.  The Volvo looks sooooo much better as a wagon, than as the dated-looking coupe.


I am partial to the Dodge, though, since my grandfather bought a 1960 Dodge Dart Seneca 318/TorqueFlite wagon new.  It was a beast to drive, I would guess, with manual steering and brakes, but he was plenty strong to handle it.  I rode a lot of miles in that car with him.

Advanced Driver

It's funny that somebody bothered to build a DB6 wagon. Car and Driver observed that a 383-powered 1966 Plymouth Fury III wagon was already faster, better handling and better riding than an Aston Martin DB6 coupe in their September 1966 issue. The Plymouth wagon also whipped the Aston Martin around Lime Rock. The attractiveness of the DB6 Coupe might justify its existence, but why sacrifice its looks to make a lesser interpretation of a vehicle type where mass production already revealed Aston Martin's weaknesses?

Pit Crew

Back in 1994 I sat in a blue 1967 Rambler Rebel Mariner wagon for sale that had a nautical styling theme with wood grain di-noc and vinyl seats embossed with the image of rope circling a ship anchor, and ever since I have never seen another. I also have yet to see either of the other two trim styles - am I the only person younger than 41 who remembers the Rebel wagon and how cool it was?

Intermediate Driver

A qualified "Yep".  Change 41 to 71


Where are the other two? Thank you, but the Volvo and Aston Martin are not wagons.