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Our 5 favorite off-roaders from the Petersen’s “Extreme Conditions” exhibit

We may be a bit biased at Hagerty when we say that the Petersen Automotive Museum  is among our favorite museums in the country. We’ve had a relationship with the Los Angeles museum for years now, partnering to promote tours of its Vault . 

The latest exhibit at the Petersen, Extreme Conditions , focuses on off-road vehicles and includes a bit of everything from race to recreation. As far as Petersen displays go, this one is small—it contains about a dozen vehicles total—yet the variety is excellent. Here are five of our favorites.


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This is exactly what I have been pointing out for many months. Amidst all the hand wringing that we all see online, here is some "VERY COOL" without the BIG $$$ talk!

Thanks Hagerty for keeping it real for the everyday car and truck enthusiasts out there. Is there anything like this (museum) on or near the East Coast of our Great Country?

Would also love to see that Power Wagon frame mod up close. Any pictures out there?

Intermediate Driver