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Our 10 favorite hidden headlights

Modern car designers have it easy. They can sculpt jewel-like housings for their headlights and integrate them into the car’s bodylines almost seamlessly. Back in the days of sealed-beam headlamps, however, there were only so many options to choose from. And while many designers got creative, integrating the lamps into the car’s overall design, some of our favorite cars were available with headlights that were virtually invisible until needed.


We know, headlights go up, headlights go down. We love pop-up headlights too, but that’s for another discussion. Pop-up headlights are a form of hidden headlights, but we’re being completely arbitrary and defining those in this list as stationary headlights that are revealed when a panel opens up to reveal them. Here are 10 of our favorites.


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My first car was a 68 Dodge Charger.  The headlamp doors didn't work when I bought it used in 1974, but I would manually open and close them by hand because I thought the car looked so much better with the covers down.  Wasn't smart enough of a mechanic at 16 years old to actually know how to fix them to work properly.  I do remember a few nights driving home from work with people flashing their lights at me because I forgot to flip the doors open.  Still one of my favorite looking cars.  Wish people would have read the beginning of this article so they would not be commenting about vehicles with pop up headlamps instead of fixed covered headlamps.  Save the pop ups for a future article.