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Our 10 favorite Dodge Challengers


The Plymouth Barracuda may have been the first pony car, but its E-body cousin, the Dodge Challenger, brought the same potent powertrains to the streets starting in 1970 and created a strong following of its own. Though the original iteration only lasted five years, Challenger cemented its muscle car status with a number of memorable engines.

When it was time to rekindle the long-dormant pony car war, Dodge resurrected the Challenger and has offered rumbling Hemi V-8s in varying horsepower levels ever since. It has now been 50 years since Challengers first hit the road, and we’re looking back as well as forward to our 10 favorite Challenger variants of the past, present, and future—in no particular order.


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The new Challenger is just a Shadow of of its former self as is the Mustang, the Corvette and the Camaro. 

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