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Oshkosh to build next-gen USPS truck in South Carolina, California cleared for noisy GT3, Jaguar "damaged" | Hagerty Media

Intake: After winning the massive contract earlier this year, Oshkosh Defense has selected Spartanburg, South Carolina, as the future home of the United States Postal Service's (USPS) Next Generation Delivery Vehicle (NGDV).
Intermediate Driver

1) USPS vehicles are clearly one of the best places to use a 100% electric vehicle, yet Postmaster Louis DeJoy plans to build only 10% of the new fleet as 100% electric vehicles!!!

2) Just as Amazon, one of the USPS's largest delivery accounts, rolled out its nationwide delivery fleet, the USPS is starting the manufacture of a MUCH LARGER vehicle for their delivery fleet, 90% of which will be powered by fossil fuels!!

3) Just prior to the approval of the USPS delivery vehicle contract by Louis DeJoy, Postmaster Louis DeJoy bought a HUGE amount of stock in the company that he chose to manufacture the new fleet of USPS delivery vehicles!!

Yes, the USPS desperately needs a new delivery fleet, but to allow a Postmaster that is trying to destroy the USPS to choose the vehicle for the new fleet of delivery vehicles assures that the new fleet will be chosen with the wrong guidelines and criteria!!

Ahh, yes. When the Government is at the helm; someone is making decisions based on power, money or both. Incredible that people are looking to expand the stuff the Government has their hands in. All this stuff becomes a black hole that just sucks in more and more money.
Intermediate Driver

Like my old departed friend would say, "The government has the Midas touch in revers. Like King Midas, what ever he touched turned to gold, when the government touches it, IT TURNS TO **bleep**!"

Turns RED!
Intermediate Driver

This may be true, when the government is bought-and-paid-for and owned by corporations and the wealthy through take over of regulatory agencies and our elected representatives through HUGE campaign contribution, otherwise known as bribes and when the anti-trust laws are suspended and no longer enforced, corruption is the result!!

Years ago, many years before Citizens United allowed the wealthy and corporations to buy our elected representatives and their legislative votes, corruption was still present, but was seen on a MUCH lower scale than we have seen since the Supreme Court gave corporations the same rights as a person and opened the flood gates for MASSIVE bribery and corruption!!


Oh well - there is nothing you can do about these decisions. I hope you also realize the USPS needs larger trucks because the are frequently the "last mile" delivery vehicle for
both Amazon and UPS.
And so far the only people whining about Mr. DeJoy as Postmaster are USPS unions and
climate change political hacks.

Intermediate Driver

I disagree, at least in the area where I live!


Until Amazon rolled out their nationwide delivery fleet, the vast majority of my Amazon packages were delivered by the USPS.


Now, since Amazon rolled out their nationwide delivery fleet, only about 1 in 15 of my Amazon packages is delivered by the USPS.


When Amazon first opened their Amazon Logistics delivery warehouse in my area, the first few deliveries were a disaster. Instead of backing on to the stone area next to my driveway to turn around, the Amazon drivers instead backed on to my grass, putting some nice ruts in the lawn!!

I have an excellent mailperson, and wish that the USPS was still doing most of Amazons deliveries!!!

While it as true until Amazon rolled out their nationwide delivery fleet, it is no longer true!!

Intermediate Driver

Again, you are incorrect about Louis DeJoy.


Last year, just months after becoming postmaster, Louis DeJoy:

1) removed almost 900 sorting machines from USPS facilities


2) removed at least the same amount of curbside mailboxes


3) Blocked overtime needed to keep package delivery on schedule


4) Changed USPS regulations, which prevented USPS employees from doing what was needed, and had always been done, to keep mail and package delivery in time.

When ordered by Congress to put the sorting machines and mailboxes back in service, Louis DeJoy REFUSED!!!


Gee Jennifer - those all sound like Union/Democrat talking points from

the last election.  And yet Mr. DeJoy is still headof the USPS!


Oh - and I couldn't help but notice you appear to live in New York State -

a state thousands of people - many of them wealthy - are fleeing from! 

Intermediate Driver

Sorry avideo, those ARE NOT Union/Democrat talking points from the last election, they are MY talking points from today and the last few months, and are based on Louis DeJoys corrupt and destructive history with the USPS!!!


And yes, I do live in New York State, and as much as I would like to live elsewhere, New York is where I have lived for over 65 years.


While I don't care much for Corrupt & Criminal Cuomo, he did give us legalized recreational marijuana!!

Intermediate Driver

Another thing avideo, this has become a common message from the USPS since Louis DeJoy took office:


"Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility."


This message rarely appeared before DeJoy took office, as virtually all packages arrived on time, at least in my area.


I’m somehow reminded of the face of the Frankenstein monster looking at that USPS thing.

Good luck with that new Jaguar strategy. (They already model Land Rover with time in the shop.)


DeJoy has selected a company that builds "strategic military vehicles" in Wisconsin. The whole thing is politically motivated and corrupt. Another intelligent business is to build them in Spartenberg, which is on the East Coast, thereby raising the freight rates as the trucks head West. There are experienced truckbuilders such as Rivian and others in the Midwest who could design and build something smarter (look at that windshield; if that thing ever suffers a front end collision can you imagine its replacement cost?) at lower freight cost and probably fabrication as well.
I'd really like to know how that deal was made.
Everybody stay well.

There are all sorts of conspiracy things here. 98% of them are not true.

The best place for the start of the Entry Level EV trucks is delivery vehicles be it postal, UPD, Fed Ex and even Amazon.  


Second Oshkosh has been a leader in specialty vehicles and has been great at fleet vehicles. It was a much better choice than the Workhorse model that could have gotten 1/4 of the vehicles built then gone belly up like so many other green projects the government has funnel money into. Even companies like Rivian are still a big risk since they have yet to prove they can build their own vehicles. 


SC is a hot bed of production from cars to even large air craft. The savings in labor due to the lower cost of living is an advantage and shipping by rail is cheap. 


The present vehicles are on their last legs. The one delivering my mail now is on major borrowed time.   


In the next 5 years many more EV delivery vehicles will be seen on the road in most areas. Most will prove able and long lived as they will be build with campsites and aluminum. Batteries and tires will be the major repairs after years of use. 


As for styling generally what delivery van is a looker? These are built to do a job and that accounts for the styling in most cases. This is not a car show. 


To be honest Oshkosh will most likely join with tech from an existing MFG possibly as they have shared and bought drive lines from other MFG over the years. 


Keep in mind Oshkosh also owns the engineering arm of Pratt and Miller now that not only build some of the best race cars but also government  military and tech vehicles. 


If they can win at Le Mans they can deliver your mail. 

Pit Crew

Just last week Hagerty posted this link, saying that a judge would unseal a complaint from Workhorse in the coming weeks, where Workhorse had filed a legal challenge to stop the deal.

So, how has this been resolved already?

Likely to get tossed out if not already been done. Workhorse was a long shot to survive even if they did get the contract. 


OOH... they might have a lot of them use evil fossil fuels!!
Do these dudley-do-wrongs not actually follow the science? EVs aren't "green".
The ICE ones put out neglible pollution, unless you buy the scam that Co2 is pollutant. If so, we need to quit eating meat. And get the 3rd world economy to quit burning the rain forests, tires, and dung, and drive $40k EVs, instead.
Intermediate Driver

OldCarMan, you are correct, that EV's are not green when the power that charges them was created in a coal fired, natural gas or nuclear power plants.


However, when the majority of our electricity is generated using clean, renewable energy, EV's will be the green vehicle of the future.


To accomplish this, we must elect representatives that are not tied to, and do not accept money and other gifts from corporations, especially those that are tied to the fossil fuel industry, corporations that fight tooth-and-nail to block any attempt to further the advancement and use of clean, renewable energy.

Intermediate Driver

OldCarMan, did you see where a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet EV just went 8.12 seconds in the quarter mile. It carried the front wheels for more than 60'. You could barely hear it run down the track!!

Ford sets and resets electric 1/4-mile E.T. record

"Funny Car driver Bob Tasca III (yeah, Bob Tasca is his grandfather) changed things up a bit last weekend when he strapped into the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400. His exhibition run at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, set a record for an all-electric 1/4-mile elapsed time when Tasca carried the front tires well past the 60-foot mark and nabbed an 8.26-second time slip. Then he improved upon that record with another pass—8.12 seconds at 171.97 mph." 


EV's are the future, internal combustion engines, and the Climate Crisis they contribute to, are the past!!

Pit Crew

Does the vehicle really need a windshield that large? I wonder what the cost of a replacement will be? Remember the $10,000 Air Force toilet seat cover? It would have been better to have raised the rear of the hood, fit a common truck window and offer an additional storage compartment in the hood (for the emergency flares, pylons and a road-hazzard sign) for when the thing breaks down.
New Driver

For those advocating all electric, there is enormous cost to retrofit all the USPS parking lots to have at least level 2 charging stations. Since the e-grid is already running with little reserve capacity, when it goes down, your mail will stop. Having said that, since the USPS is already operating in the red, I believe it would be much cheaper to just buy a bunch of Ford Transits, they make them from Focus size all the way up to Econoline 350 size, most already available with RHD in UK-Commonwealth, so no additional engineering has to be done. With electric steering nowadays, switching to RHD would be easy. Just ask ford to assemble them in US plants to make everyone happy except the enviro-natzees.

The grid will handle this in most areas. The areas in need will be upgraded over time as they need it EV cars or not. 

The Fords would not hold up. They would rust out and last no where near the vehicles they have now. The aluminum bodies hide the age and multiple engines they have used.


Todays postal trucks are much like potato chip trucks and age very well body wise. The engines are just replaced when blown up. 


Also factoring in the change over this is not a full fleet change. This will be done in small groups and over a good length of time. It may take 25 years to change it all over. 


The cost of the high priced government union labor is very in effective so this actually is a case where it may work out cheaper in the long run. The government repairs have never been cost effective. 

Intermediate Driver

PeterKalifornia, I agree, that there will be upfront costs to install EV charging stations at every USPS location. 

As far as the power distribution grid goes, the entire current e-grid was designed and built long before the current level of electric appliances and electrical use levels were even thought of.
Nationwide, the electrical distribution grid is in such sad shape, as is virtually all of the infrastructure in this country, that a major upgrade is LONG, LONG overdue, so while your point is true, the upgrade costs are needed anyway, thus negating your point.

The cost to install the first station will be the highest, but each additional station will cost MUCH less, as they can be daisy-chained off of the first station. And with the economics of scale and the bidding process, the USPS should be able to secure all of the hardware that is needed at a reasonable cost.


I do not think you are taking into account that once the USPS fleet is 100% EV, there will be no cost for gasoline, oil, filters and other maintenance items that are a fact of life for internal combustion engines, because these are not required or used on an EV. These cost savings alone will help recoup the cost of installing the EV charging stations in just a few years. After that point, there will be noticeable, measurable cost savings as well as a lot less pollution that would have come out of the tail pipe if the USPS had continued using vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.



Intermediate Driver

Regarding your statement about the USPS operating in the red, there is but one cause, and that cause is legislation created by congress.

"In 2006, Congress passed a law that imposed extraordinary costs on the U.S. Postal Service.

The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) required the USPS to create a $72 billion fund to pay for the cost of its post-retirement health care costs, 75 years into the future. This burden applies to no other federal agency or private corporation.


If the costs of this retiree health care mandate were removed from the USPS financial statements, the Post Office would have reported operating profits in each of the last six years.


This extraordinary mandate created a financial “crisis” that has been used to justify harmful service cuts and even calls for postal privatization. Additional cuts in service and privatization would be devastating for millions of postal workers and customers."


That gargantuan windshield will take a micro rock star and grow a tarantula sized spider web in a month's time. Another USPS flop. But then, who cares. It's only government red ink.

In regards to that ugly MACH E and charge mileage? Factory estimates are one thing and realities are quite another. Car manufacturers are notorious for fudging their test results. In this case FOMOCO battery mileage calculations are being performed on a straight a way track at even throttle with a single passenger (the driver) and no other ballast equipment. All they need is a battery life meter and a trip meter. All of which, I'm sure, are factory I/P equipment. No passenger in the front. No kids in the back seat. No luggage or groceries and surly no hills.

An all-electric Jaguar...what could possibly go wrong?
Advanced Driver

Smiths and Lucas ...
just sayin' ..
Intermediate Driver

OK Hagerty. I read the Hagerty articles for the news and information. NOT political rhetoric. Please have someone review these comments and remove those that are politically motivated.