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Hagerty Employee

One late-night host to another, this Chrysler Royal has a funny history

Jay Leno is best known for owning lots of cars, but folks often overlook that his collection is also carefully curated. Not everything he owns is crazy out-there or exorbitantly expensive, and really when you get down to the nitty gritty of his tase, his fleet includes plenty of cars that seem pretty insignificant as far as year/make/model. The 1939 Chrysler Royal that Leno dives into in the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage is a prime example.


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Intermediate Driver

I have some pics of a similar car my Dad owned after returning home from WW2.. Pic of him standing near the rear passenger fender, one of my Mom sitting in the passenger seat and one of my oldest brother as a toddler at the front bumper... Great cars..


beautiful car. my folks had a 36 studebaker coupe with a bad starter when i was little. they would park the car at the top of the hill on our street. when they wanted to go somewhere they would pile my brother and i into the space behind the front seat, and mom and dad would push the car to get her rolling, jump in and turn the key. wish i had that car now. maroon fenders and battleship grey body. i do love my 47 plymouth coupe though.