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Hagerty Employee

On Yellowstone's 150th anniversary, we drive a 1936 bus that toured the park's 2.2M acres

Los Angeles County is a 15-hour drive from Yellowstone National Park, so it may seem like an odd place to get up close and personal with a classic Yellowstone tour bus. Nevertheless, Winslow Bent is stoked to be here, and so are we.
New Driver

I've always admired those buses. My stepfather drove one in college, maybe at Bryce?
New Driver

Hagerty's articles have delighted me many times over the years and this one was no exception. I was blown away to learn a guy writing for Hagerty was a neophyte for driving any manual transmission. It stands in stark contrast to my experience as a woman who started her double-clutching career by learning to drive a '37 White fire engine. It was an antique by the time we finagled its donation to our volunteer fire department in the redwoods of California, but it served us well.

A few years later, I progressed to driving a '64 Kenworth in Utah. She had a 4X4 transmission with a granny box; two transmissions with unlimited opportunities to grind gears unless the magical RPM spot was attained.

Even my current non-syncro ride—a '57 Apache with three on the tree—keeps me in the game of manual transmissions from another era. I plan to sell her because even though she's a cool truck, I prefer riding my motorcyle, but I will miss Hagerty's Saturday morning reads.

insure your bike with Hagerty and stay in the club? Or just stay in the club --pretty sure you can do that.

Intermediate Driver

Great article; that was truly a beautiful White design although designed not by them.
Did I read that correctly, that the author ( of a Hagerty publication) never drove a MANUAL? I would think that this would be a pre-requisite to employment with Hagerty! but he really stepped up with the non-synchro!
Hagerty Employee

He was just new to double-clutching. I can vouch for him, he was a natural.

I love Yellowstone and the Grand Teton's. Such a beautiful area to be in. It's been quite awhile since I was last there. I need to go again.
New Driver

Cant believe they drove that to la at 38 mph have freind has one they were on a trip and lost the brakes had a cliff on one side trees on the other they broke the e brake handle trying to slow it down needed up in the trees four people injured Dont use the stock brake system!!!!!

Pretty sure it is Glacier National Park that has similar vintage buses... but theirs have been resto-modded by Ford.

Intermediate Driver

Love the door for each set of seats you surely don't see that anymore, back then everything was easier to load, nice article.