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Hagerty Employee

On 4/26, we celebrate the other 426

Today is 4/26-a calendar date that conjures up other notable 426s in history, namely Mopar's vaunted V-8s. On this date we've previously heralded the short-lived but well-respected 426 Hemi, but that wasn't the first V-8 of such displacement to come from Chrysler Corp.
Advanced Driver

I'm kind of a Chevy guy these days, so I celebrate 4-27.

Being “kind of” a Chevy guy, you might just appreciate GM’s 426 C.I. On 4-26. I had one in my 1948 Greyhound Bus with a 4speed on the column. The linkage was 35ft long to the Allison. The 426 was the Detroit Diesel 671 which was a 6 Cylinder, 71 Cubic Inch per cylinder. Just fyi…now you can be kind of a Mopar guy on 4-26

I'm more a Cobra Jet fan, so 2 days to go...
Intermediate Driver

And as always, the Mopar comes in ahead of the Ford and Chevy.

Long ago, I knew a guy who had a 413 Max Wedge (Ram Charger). Mopar had just introduced the 50,000-mile warranty and my friend made good use of it. He regularly raced the car at the old Fremont Drag Strip in the Bay Area. He was never beaten, except when the engine grenaded thru the lights. Mopar quickly replaced the broken motor with a new one and off he'd go for more 1/4-mile adventures. After three or four new motors, Mopar finally canceled his warranty and he raced no more...
Pit Crew

Max Wedges had no warranty as they were intended for competition.

I love when they used to paint engines bright colors. Looks so good. Let's celebrate big block week!

Pit Crew

Street Hemi came out for the 1966 model year. Story incorrectly states it bowed in 1967.
New Driver

Your eyesight must be fuzzy. It clearly states that the HEMI bowed in 1966. Read the article again.

Community Manager

No, no, no, it's not like that. We (actually me, specifically) made the change shortly after Jim pointed out the error. Might not have fixed it if it wasn't for him! 


Race hemi debuted in 1964. Street Hemi in 1966.

Nice 4-26 Tribute ! Great Pictures ! Great Article ! Thank You !
Intermediate Driver

425 Olds
426 Mopar
427 Chevy Ford and the experimental Pontiac Hemi might be considered
428 Ford Pontiac
429 Cadillac Ford
430 Buick Lincoln
And the last week day for displacements shared by manufacturers. Or how some of the Hemis differed from the Wedges.
New Driver

I have a question about a Chrysler big block in my 1977 Dodge Shasta camper. On the paperwork is says the motor is a 318. Obviously it's not your normal small block 318. I have some friends telling me it's a 318 wedge. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. I can't read the sticker on cover because most of it is gone. And there's only like 52,000 miles on it.
Pit Crew

Hi there,
There was no 318 big block or "wedge". If your motorhome has a Chrysler engine with the distributor in the rear, it will be an LA series small block. 318 is possible as is 360. If it has the distributor at the front, it is likely a 400 or 440. The serial number should tell you.
Intermediate Driver

Also the 425 Buick nailhead

Pit Crew

Hi Brendan,
Love the article and consider the max wedge engines to be under-appreciated compared to their Hemi counterparts. I do, however, have to point out one substantial error in the article regarding B vs RB engines. RB stands for Raised B, and all the 413, 426 and 440's are RB engines. 383 and 400 are B block engines, not RB as stated.
Intermediate Driver

I wish the month had 40 days.