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Hagerty Employee

Ohio colonial Rufus Putnam had no idea his town would become a beachhead in driving paradise

Had he been born 200 years later, Rufus Putnam would have probably driven a Corvette. I can’t be certain, of course, but as I pulled into Marietta, Ohio, the town he founded some five years after the American Revolution ended, that thought suddenly emerged. 


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Intermediate Driver

Route 26 is also an excellent drivers road in that area.

Hagerty Employee

I'll have to try that. I don't remember it. Thanks for the tip!

Pit Crew


Road trip in the mid-summer warmth through territory lost on those who only see it from 31,000 feet.


Thank you for the inspiration.





Hagerty Employee

Thanks Blake. I want to go back. Soon.

Larry, I live in SE Ohio, between Nelsonville and Athens. Route 78 is one of my favorite drives. I'm a Ford guy and have a variety of mustangs, from vintage through a newer GT500 and I've owned a couple of Cobra replicas. I love driving the twisty two lane highways here and we put together cruises fairly often for a bunch of us like minded drivers.

Next time you're in the area please let me know. Maybe we can put together a group and enjoy it together.


Where's the photo of Putnam’s grave?

Intermediate Driver

"Perhaps it lacks the sophistication of the European machine it’s so often compared to, the Porsche 911, but that German will only ever see the Corvette’s taillights fading in the distance."


Sorry, but you have the taillights reversed. The reason Corvettes are easily found is that the ancient owners never drive them for fear getting a scratch, or breaking them. The engines are great, and reliable as a sunrise, but the rest of the car isn't of the same caliber. 

New Driver

Great article! I recently drove the Triple Nickel in a C5 Z06 and let me tell you, that car was perfect for that road; you may want a trim upgrade for the driving you like to do. Yours looks beautiful though.

New Driver

Logged dozens of trips down 78, 550, 26 and more on the way to Athens in a nicely track prepped vintage 911, at a "brisk" pace. Especially beautiful in the fall. But on one trip, I looked in the rearview mirror to see a mom with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, busy slapping the unbelted kids in the back seat of a rusty heap that was hanging on my tail. Clearly, she knew every twist and blind decreasing radius turn of this Appalachian Nurburgring Nordschleife!