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Hagerty Employee

Now I get it: Concours are a big deal

Impressive. That succinctly and appropriately describes both the 2011 Concours d'Elegance of America and the enthusiastic crowd that gathered for the annual event. As a first-time concours attendee, I expectantly walked into the Concours knowing only a few things for sure: Since the title of the event is French, it must be a big deal; [...]

While some concourses come across a bit snobbish they are still fun celebrations of the automobile and snobbishness can bring out cars we may never see in public.

I was fearful I would not fit in when I attended my first Concourse. But shortly hatter my arrival I started to meet up with many I knew in the local auto community. As I went on I also made new friends and discovered it is not as snobbish as I had thought.

Yes there is a bit of over the top but it kind of reminded me of the movie Caddy Shack when they opened the pool to the Caddies.

As a whole a wide range of auto fans came together and we all merged into one large group and enjoyed the event as one.

I do admit the food is much better. Leg of Lamb is better than a $8 hamburger.

I have been pleased many of these events are opening up to a wider range of cars and owners. The addition of the hot rods and others is wise and I hope modified cars will be invited more in the future. Many are true creations of car lovers.

Also you need to go to these shows with the idea the best car does not always win. Many times the story plays a roll and often the story is one worth being told. This is not the local drive in giving out awards this is a celebration of cars in general in all aspects.

My goal is to enter a car at one of these events. I did display at one one and had a great time.

If you have never been to one please go. Even if you are not of this kind of group they will welcome you all the same.

A friend of mine shows at several and while his toys may be expensive he is just a car guy like me. He enjoys them restores them and drives them.