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Hagerty Employee

Nothing knocks the edge off like a good file

Get past the precursory hand tools in your toolbox and there is suddenly a massive shopping list of bits and bobs that claim to make your life all manners of magical. The fact of the matter is that more than likely you still need a couple very unsexy tools in your toolbox, but you just don't know it yet.
Advanced Driver

And for those reeeally teeny-tiny items, you should also have a set of "Swiss Files", sometimes called "needle files". Very small, fine teeth, and can do some amazing things that large or full size files can't do.

But that's an article for another time....

- Jim

Files are a great tool in all sizes !!! Husky makes a great seven piece precision needle file set with each file having a knurled round steel handle (built into file) along with a collet tightening handle with the set that fits in your back pocket case and all. No they are not paying me for this, just love it !
New Driver

Another element of file care my uncle taught me is to be sure the file doesn't overheat. It's tempting to go hog wild, rapidly sawing back and forth when there's a lot of material to remove. But this generates heat, which can dull the file. Better to use deliberate firm stokes, and pause between each one.

Nothing puts an edge on better than a File. 

This is a two way tool.