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Hagerty Employee

North Dakota's farmer is bringing a bumper crop of classics to market

The Krinke family has been farming the same land in North Dakota for more than a century. In Neil Krinke's many years of running the place, he's grown a lot more than crops. He also collected a huge number of cars and trucks. Now it's time to bring the harvest to market.

I just wanted to see if comments are working again!

Yep that's a big part of the fun reading and commenting on the articles.
Intermediate Driver

That is an amazing collection. Hopefully all the cars will find new homes.
New Driver

Photo #3 appears to be the 1964 Mercury Marauder mentioned in the article, not a 1950 model as captioned...


And the Pontiac "Chiefton" is a Pontiac Chieftain.
Pit Crew

Would love to have that 1964 Mercury Marauder, but being on the East Coast makes bidding/buying somewhat difficult. Anyhoo, the buyers will surely be getting some really nice cars from this amazing collection.
Intermediate Driver

I was a native of St. Louis Mo and at age 30 got sent to No. Dakota by GM to represent Oldsmobile and contact the Oldsmobile dealers. I thought I was being sent to Siberia. When landing for the first time on Northwest Orient I could see the whole town (Bismarck) from one side of the plane from one window and was ready to fly back to St. Louis. Well in a week I loved it - the topography and the people - all so friendly, different, and real. For my five short years I ordered my own company cars once a month as our mileage restrictions were 3,000 miles (which only took a month up there where many dealers were 100 miles apart). Usually I could order what I wanted which were always over loaded option wise and were top model Cutlass Supremes, Ninetyeights, and Toronadoes. I've been gone 45 years and followed all auctions and never have I seen any old Oldsmobiles which may have been one of my company cars come up for sale but when and if I do I will chase it down and hopefully reacquire it again. Your articles are outstanding.
Intermediate Driver

Clean and salt-free! This is really a time-capsule for the "common man's" cars. Will be a pity if they all go in "lot" sales instead of individually. Wish I could be there.
New Driver

I hate when journalists use "enormity" when they mean "immensity." Enormity means evil, not really, really, big.....
Community Manager

Except it has two meanings, not just one: "the quality or state of being immoderate, monstrous, or outrageous"


Enormity comes from enormous, which has nothing to do with being evil. Just huge.
Intermediate Driver

Jeff Peek would it have been so hard to include whether it is a no reserve auction!!! You promoting someone to go there to find out there is a reserve on the car one intends on bidding only to find out there is a reserve on it just plain SUCKS. I reread the column and the auctioneer site and found no reference to no reserve!!!!!!!!!
Intermediate Driver

It’s a shame that the auction is so far away for many to attend. Online is fine but much better to see stuff in person. Hope they get a good turnout.
Advanced Driver

funny how 'us rual folks' are bigger collectors,
than you "urbanites"

You have more room! We city folk, especially in the "snow belt" have to rent space, unless we are wealthy enough to have our own warehouses or pole barns with fire-sprinkler systems.
Intermediate Driver

It would be so hard to say goodbye to the accumulation and memories that at some time we will all experience, hopefully not till death. I am such a car guy, "used to starve myself when younger just to save up for performance upgrades" that I would hold onto almost everything, if not for myself for dad. Maybe they need the revenue or no children or grandchildren have the enthusiasm that Neil has. Still if financials are not the reason I would keep everything as is for as long as dad lives so that he could still visit his yesteryear and relive the memories he made while collecting throughout his life.

For some reason I have this image of a giant pig playing a string bass stuck in my head
Pit Crew

This auction's got a '51 Hudson and some other beauties. Too far away for me.
New Driver

It is always great to see old cars ,somehow today we put a premium on horsepower and good paint jobs an seem to forget how we got where we came from. I only wish I could visit this farm before these cars are scattered around. I have to believe their new owners will enjoy them as much as the past owners did. thanks for a quick walk in the past.