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Hagerty Employee

No Time to Die lovingly sends off Craig's Bond with plenty of Aston action

No Time to Die delivers a bittersweet farewell to Daniel Craig's James Bond, his fifth and final outing as 007. Craig's tenure has been a divisive one among diehard fans, with some believing his films are the best Bond yet, and others who feel his movies just don't hew closely enough to Sean Connery's or Roger Moore's runs.

Wife and I went out to see it a few nights ago. After absorbing the sticker shock (one adult and one senior for a 2D IMAX showing = $34) (has it been THAT long since we've been out??) I can admit we got my money's worth before the opening credits!

The Bond movies are slick cinematic comic books of varying quality, but again, not one of the cars in any of them, 1962-2021, 27 movies, have anything to do with those in Ian Fleming's novels, underscoring a society better equipped to manage explosions and nonsensical car chases than literary potboilers. Even as junior high kids, the movies' primary target audience other than adult Walter Mitties, we wondered how any car's rear axle could slide out with razor-studded end and slice another car while the wheel stayed on. Or how a Ford Falcon Ranchero could haul over 3 1/2 tons of compacted Lincoln Continental and gold.
Those wanting a spy movie closer to reality might watch 1965's award-winning The Spy Who Came In From the Cold, or wanting believable intrigue with real cars, 1973's terrific Day of the Jackal. There are reasons Patrick McGoohan, the series' first choice, declined.
So, is Hagerty catering to serious car buffs, or just more me-too pop culture fanboydom?
If the former, where are the various Bentleys Ian Fleming well described, Felix Leiter's "low-slung Cord saloon" and Studillac?

Great article, learned a new word too, interiority. Funny, spell check thinks its a wrong spelling.
New Driver

This is a lovely companion piece to Craig's send off. This writer's passion for Bond and its cars perspires through the whole article and is contagious.

Bond movies have always had some cool cars. I'll see this one eventually.