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Nissan Z values through the generations

When the first 240Z was sold to the American public in October 1969, it instantly created a cult following. Some of the most ardent Z-car disciples of today are willing to spend loads of money to get their hands on the best possible examples. Earlier this year, a 1971 Datsun 240Z in perfect survivor condition sold for a mind-boggling $315,000 after premiums.


Soon, there will be a new Z to obsess over. When a heritage model like this arrives in fresh form, many enthusiasts look back at previous generations wondering if this is a good time to snatch one up, perhaps to keep the new car company in the garage. Owning two or more Z-cars is especially common among owners. According to Hagerty insurance policy data, Z drivers are more likely to own another Z-car than any other collector vehicle ... 


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