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Nissan Z values through the generations

When the first 240Z was sold to the American public in October 1969, it instantly created a cult following. Some of the most ardent Z-car disciples of today are willing to spend loads of money to get their hands on the best possible examples. Earlier this year, a 1971 Datsun 240Z in perfect survivor condition sold for a mind-boggling $315,000 after premiums.


Soon, there will be a new Z to obsess over. When a heritage model like this arrives in fresh form, many enthusiasts look back at previous generations wondering if this is a good time to snatch one up, perhaps to keep the new car company in the garage. Owning two or more Z-cars is especially common among owners. According to Hagerty insurance policy data, Z drivers are more likely to own another Z-car than any other collector vehicle ... 


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The first gen 280Z was my Uncle Dave's gift to him self after graduating M.I.T. and getting a job at Dupont. He owned that car until the early 90s. The last time I saw Uncle Dave was at my grandfather's funeral. During the visit, the conversation, of course, turned to the "Z". Turns out that he had finally sold it after driving it into the ground, restoring it, driving, restoring (the winters in Delaware are brutal on anything), he finally sold it to a guy who had a collection.

I think the best story about that car I can think of is from my grandmother. She has a heart attack in the middle of the night while Uncle Dave is visiting. He throws her into the "Z", and drives 30 miles to the Hospital in Hoopeston (roughly 30 miles away) because that's where her cardiologist lives, instead of 5 miles away to the local unit. She said once the speedometer got north of 100 mph she just looked ahead and prayed that a deer didn't run out in front of them (route 1 is a two lane state highway that has fields of corn and beans as roadside decorum. Having a natural food plot, the deer get monstrous).

Even though I was into muscle cars, and still am, I have always appreciated the styling as well as the performance of the "Z" cars. Very impressive both then and now.