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Nissan's new Z car looks promising

We knew Nissan's 370Z successor was on the horizon after the brand registered its latest retro-themed Z logo, and now, Nissan's "A to Z" product preview confirms that very logo on the C-pillar of its new sports car, which features a familiar roofline over a fairly small footprint. Especially when parked next to the upcoming Terra.


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Replies (5)

Replies (5)

finally! a new z car has been long overdue, and Nissan's lineup badly needs a vehicle that isn't painfully bland

Hagerty Employee

Rear end of new Z looks much like the rear end of the old, original Firelady Z. At least from that angle in the video. Nice move Nissan. Coz current 370Z is too old now. And what about GT-R?


If it's not a convertible, I don't want it!  Have had 2  69 2000s & loved them.  Also something like a 5.0 would be great!

New Driver

Very excited to see that Nissan will be introducing a broad range of generic indistinguishable hatchback/CUV/SUV thingies. Bold thinking indeed.

Pit Crew

New Z looks good, though it does evoke Mazda's recent design language to me...


Nissan... take one of your smaller platform pickup trucks (smaller than Frontier) and do a global version of this. Plan to sell it unchanged for years and offer it cheap. North America needs a real mini truck again...