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Night At The Museum: The Brumos Collection

Night at the Museum is a new series from Hagerty-visiting car museums around the country, telling stories from the silence. In a year where public spaces offer unique resonance, we decided to visit our favorite automotive temples at night, when they're empty and quiet.
New Driver

The Miller Dynasty book amazed me. I went to Milwaukee every year for quite a while. Seeing/Hearing/ Smelling these cars is an intoxicating experience. I heard some of these[Collection] cars run around The Mile, and it is just amazing who you run into there. I would like to see Our Miller, From the Smithsonian run there, as Bob Rubin donated money to run the car. Though last time it ran at Monterey in 1993, it popped a Trans Gear, it was repaired well. When the Museum asked the public which automobile they would like to see displayed, the Miller won the vote.
I have a soft spot for the Porsche, and really like my 993. But these racing cars are just Art !
Nice job on the article, Sam.
Advanced Driver

Definitely need to put that on the list of places to visit.

Agreed. I would also like to go to the Revs Institute in Naples FL.

Jacksonville is not a bad little town to visit; go down for the Players Championship a couple of days early and hit the museum and then go play golf at Pablo Creek or San Jose CC. Awesome.
New Driver

Good news - the old Ford plant still exists on the St. Johns River here in Jacksonville, and Mr. Davis has a Model T built there displayed kin the museum lobby. It was a tough year for the musuem, having to close due to COVID right after opening - . But it's back again, the only car museum in Jacksonville, with classics that I've seen race at Daytona, and been lucky to be in on-track with Hurley and the late, great Bob Snodgrass at their wheels.
Intermediate Driver

Fascinating subject matter, very cool museum, and fantastic writing weaving it all together.

This one being your first at-bat for this series is a home run...

Really looking forward to the next installments.
Intermediate Driver

Shout out to Andrew Trahan as well for the fantastic photography.

A great deal of credit should be given to Buck Boudeman, who recreated the Sub with an appropriate engine. He drove it many times, on the Milwaukee track during the July Millers AT Milwaukee event. It even ran at Pebble, making billowing clouds of blue smoke on the award dais, before he had rebuilt the engine. Buck, Chuck Davis, and Dave Uihlien, were the premier Miller collectors that actually ran their cars. Did extensive research, working with author Mark Dees and Gordon White and others. Their efforts really brought p[roper recognition to the Miller "racing dynasty".
BTW I have a copy of the first edition and the reprint, for sale!

Any motorsport fan, fabricator, or racer unfamiliar with Harry Miller needs to delve into his story right now. Mark Dees' book is a must-buy if you can find it. The stuff that left his shop was the ultimate in craftsmanship and artfulness, all the more so for being largely hand-made. Smith nails it - yet again - in his equally artful and spot-on conveyance of the magic in both the Millers and the Porsches. Thank you. Great photos by Trahan, too.

The only other place you will see a number of Millers and their progeny run, is at the Indy Carb Day festivities, where they put a big tent up behind the museum, to display all manner of vintage Indy cars. They allow them a couple of 20 minute sessions, on Friday and Saturday. Great to hear Millers, Offies, Novis, Quad Cam Fords, and more if you never heard them race! Don't miss it!!!
Intermediate Driver

Must be new digs. I visited as part of Amelia Concours 'tour', but it was practically part of a dealership building with not a lot of touches like seen here.
New Driver

There's something magical about seeing these cars under night lighting.
I went to Rennsport I at Lime Rock and camped in a friends car trailer who was running at the event. That night we walked down to the paddock and walked around all the cars. A security guard came by and asked what we were doing. We assured him that the cars were perfectly safe under our watchful and admiring eyes.
One of those life memories you will never forget.
New Driver

I realize this facility is about more than Brumos and Porsche, but how can you publish this without mentioning Peter Gregg in the intro somewhere? If Dan had named this something else, I wouldn’t ask that question, but Gregg was Brumos at the time the racing program began.

He owned Brumos Porsche and not only raced, but provided the sponsorship and the team by the same name. From a quick read you would think Dan Davis did all of that.

This is disingenuous.

What a cool place. Love the Porsche's but the 'sub is just so cool to look at.