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Hagerty Employee

Night at the Museum: Nashville's Lane is a bright light in dark year

Night at the Museum is a new series from Hagerty-visiting car museums around the country, telling stories from the silence. In a year where public spaces offer unique resonance, we decided to visit our favorite automotive temples at night, when they're empty and quiet.
Advanced Driver

Black photos don't reveal much. Why not turn on the lights? Or use a flash???

Get a better monitor? I can see them just fine.

Most PCs have random video hardware/software and random monitors that have never been calibrated and aren't necessarily designed to work together (at least on a high level), so bad imagery isn't uncommon.
Advanced Driver

I had the opportunity to visit the Lane Museum a few years ago; as the cars on display rotate, it seems as though I should make a return trip. It was fascinating, to say the least! This was an interesting presentation which I really enjoyed!! 🙂
Advanced Driver

I realize the theme of this post is a car museum in the dark, but it would have been much more enjoyable to see these cars in the light.
New Driver

Too dark. Can't see the vehicles. It's fun to be photo artsy sometimes but that's not what I look for at Hagerty. I want to see the vehicles. Not artsy fartsy photos.
Intermediate Driver

As a photographer, I think the photos are way cool! Well done!
Intermediate Driver

They may be true but this is an article for auto collectors not photographers.

One can be both. It wouldn't have a 'special' quality if the photos were taken during the day. It's an intimate look at the museum and the cars, which would be lost with "regular" photos that would merely document the cars. If one intrigues you it can be easily researched.
Intermediate Driver

I enjoyed this. Especially the photos. I felt as though I were along with you in the dark with my little flashlight. Thanks.
Pit Crew

If you ever find yourself in Nashville, do not leave without visiting the Lane. It is one of the most interesting collections I have ever run across. We knew we were about to experience something special when we pulled into the parking garage and ended up parking next to a work in progress Amphicar. Pay the small fee to visit the basement which is as fascinating as the main floor display area.

Wonderful and thank you. Lane's taste is eclectic to say the least, and the photography
would have been improved under better lighting. Many cars to comment on, but all very
interesting and Sam does a great job on historical aspects. Well done. I will do my best to get to the Museum.
New Driver

Well written and photographed. I can do an internet search to find out more about any of these cars and more detailed pictures, but the way the article was presented drew me in and made me feel like I went along for the ride as each car was discovered as it materialized from the dark.
Great job, keep it up please.
Intermediate Driver

Really enjoyed the photo spread, it just moved the Lane Museum up several notches on my "to do" list, THANKS!
Advanced Driver

Great museum. Silly article format. It might work in video a bit better but I am not hopeful.
New Driver

Worth the trip, I spent 4 hours there and didn't get to the basement or garage. I will go back.

The Lane museum is fabulous. It is even better in daylight.
New Driver

I think people are missing the point of the article "NIGHT" at the museum... I have been to the Lane Museum and it is a great place to visit. Jeff Lane is an incredible host and very knowledgeable, but most of all, he loves to share the fun. Working in a museum myself, I feel the difference of the cars by day and by night in the dark, it's a totally different experience. I hope Hagerty would consider visiting Stahl's Auto Collection for this series.

If I was left alone in a car museum overnight I would totally enjoy the experience. I thought it was a cool article and some neat cars are there.