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Hagerty Employee

New MG sports car is coming, after more a decade's wait

Following the death of the MG TF in 2011, a new MG roadster seemed unlikely under its new Chinese owners at SAIC Motor. The marque is better known nowadays for its European-market crossovers and MG5 electric estate car, its historic homes in Abingdon and Longbridge demolished after the collapse of MG Rover in 2005.
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Really!? Wouldn't touch this with a ten foot pole. Electric and Chinese both rub me the wrong way.
New Driver

I guess some one will want a car that looks like an asian sneaker with lights, powered by the traditional Chinese fading quality battery. I suppose in the end the environment fanatics will force me by lack choice to support them in some way just the same.
Advanced Driver

Sounds to me, from reading the comments--that a LOT of Readers don't like Chinese anything and they don't like EVs. Hummmm! Methinks that Hagerty might want to moderate the kind of articles it promotes.
New Driver

If a Chinese built vehicle is what you want, you should start packing your belongings and head for the airport. They might not like you, but will surely take your US dollars.