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Hagerty Employee

New Le Mans Hypercar racing rules are hyper complicated

The 2021 World Endurance Championship will see a new breed of hybrid Le Mans Hypercars tackle some of the most arduous races in the world, including the 1000 Miles of Sebring and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Read the full news on



Road racing needs to become more simple verses more expensive and complicated. 

With fields getting smaller and marketing being cut due to the virus we need to get back to the basics. 

I would love to see more focus on production based cars of volume. No more build a few and limited availability. 

New Driver

I'm going to disagree with hyperv6 on this. I feel racing should be the test-bed/development for future technologies. Although this doesn't sound like future tech - it sounds like a more interesting version of what's in my wife's plug-in hybrid.
Intermediate Driver

They had a great idea with switching the top class to hypercars from prototype, but why in the world would they then sandbag it with ridiculous rules like this?? I don’t understand the folks coming up with class regulations.