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Hagerty Employee

New four-part series on "Mr. 4 Speed" Herb McCandless is worth a binge | Hagerty Media

The pioneering eras of motorsport were radical times of innovation and creativity. In the '70s, rulebooks hadn't come close to fencing in some of the clever tricks that could be found underneath the machines driven by guys like Herb McCandless.

Loved early Pro Stock. The cars really had stock bodies. And the rivalry between brands was great. Not like today's Camaro stock. I always thought Ronnie Sox was called Mr. 4-Speed.

I too always knew Ronnie Sox as “Mr. Four Speed”. A legend rowing gears.

Herb is the consummate gentleman, a real treat to talk with, and a true professional.
The documentary is fascinating, fun, well-done, and at times very touching.
His shop was in NC, though, not SoCal.
Advanced Driver

The good old days!
Pit Crew

I thought I'd just watch the first episode, but it was so good that I watched the whole series in one day! Fantastic production. Sox & Martin were my heroes, and watching this made me realize how much Herb contributed to their success!

Mr. McCandless is a role model for America!
Pit Crew

Back when I was drag racing, 50s & 60s, the best thing going was to hear all the 3 and 4 speed manual transmissions being rowed down the quarter mile, I love that noise. I did not do any of this as I was running a 5 window Deuce coupe with a bored and stroked 396 c.i.Olds in A/G class with a "37 Cad-La-Salle 3 speed, but I started in second gear and only shifted once.
Pit Crew

As a kid I remember seeing Sox&Martin at the local 1/8 mile track called ' SummerDuck Dragway' in Va. They still had open ramp trucks at the time, but everything was spotless. They all wore matching uniforms, were polite and professional. That's the one thing I remember most. They put on quite a show that day, I've never forgotten it
New Driver

Brian Lohnes' commentary and style are MADE for drag racing. The McCandless series is a treat for the senses...The Old Pro Stockers were crazy, crude machines...but they ran like stink and smelled even better!. Highly Recommended.