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New EV skateboard to power future classics | Hagerty Media

An innovative lightweight modular electric vehicle platform developed by a British startup is aimed squarely at niche manufacturers who want to go green. The Watt Electric Vehicle Company 's PACES (Passenger And Commercial Vehicle EV Skateboard) has been designed to be adaptable to a wide range of machines, from six-wheeled trucks and buses to sports cars.
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Pit Crew

If you are a real car guy, then you do believe cars have a “soul” that’s why we have all talked to them. Every one is different, lumpy idle, smooth, fast reving, etc along with handling, looks and all of their faults. EVs lack the engine feel aspect except for pinning you in the seat. They remind you of that fellow without much personality...Otis...and who ever talks to a elevator.

Installing an existing classic car body onto this EV chassis - no. But putting on all new custom designed fiberglass bodies that don't resemble any existing design - yes. Think Buck Rogers, Tom Corbett and Tom Swift.
Intermediate Driver

I would love to have an EV for everyday driving to work and the grocery store (I typically take the bus as it is, and I only live 6 miles from work). But I won't want to get rid of my '66 LeMans. She's too beautiful and too much fun in the summer! I live in Minnesota, so she hibernates in winter (as do I!). Honestly, I have not problem with saving energy and using new technologies. I think it'll make the experience of driving the LeMans even better. We should position ourselves ahead of this curve instead of being behind the curve YET AGAIN!
Pit Crew

I think the speed and innovation is great with EVs, but they don’t solve any problems. Remember where the power comes from when you plug it in.
Intermediate Driver

An oil or gas burning electricity generating power plant has a thermal efficiency of about 95%. A car engine has about a 30% thermal efficiency. The numbers are even better for a wind turbine or a solar farm.


A couple things on EVs:
1) they don’t scale well.
2) they aren’t the magic unicorn, rather 1 part of a multi-part solution.

Until battery tech is addressed, EVs are plagued with the environmental impacts of battery resource acquisition. The energy density of EV batteries is a huge hurdle that technology will no doubt address, but it remains to be seen to what degree.

EVs do produce lower CO2 emissions per mile traveled. From the DOE, 2-3x less, depending on vehicle size, use, temperature, and source of electricity.
For a commuter vehicle, which since COVID that concept is ever changing, with less than 35-50 miles traveled per day, they are ideal. Conversely, they often require a second vehicle for longer trips, heavier work, etc. Not always necessary and every lifestyle is different.

From a classic vehicle standpoint, the loss of engine sound and vibration is a huge turn off, but limited range and stackable motors is neat to bench race.

As to transmissions...many folks don’t understand the drive motors in EVs. Most OEMs use a single reduction, but with larger vehicles, to increase range and performance, gear boxes will be necessary. The GM COPO Camaro used a 3-speed automatic.

Finally, GM had the perfect plug-in Hybrid EV, a platform that could be used in most sedans and many SUVs, a rear drive motor could be added for AWD, and when combined with the Diesel engine from the Cruse, development miles returned Prius destroying mileage. But lousy marketing and advertising, the VW diesel gate, and negative press from their bailout, doomed the Volt to failure. Imagine a vehicle you can plug in, commute to work and use little to no fuel, but jump in and drive anywhere there is pump fuel available. That was the Volt. GM along with anti-Bailout taking heads, destroyed it.


Frankly, i think installing an EV platform in a classic car is a level of sacrelidge beyond the LS swap
Obviously if you are starting with something that is sans drivetrain - different story, but if i see one more car restoration show where they discard a perfectly functioning original drivetrain and replace it with an LS drivetrain - or worse this - i'm going to scream. If you don't actually like old cars, please stop buying them.
You aren't going to save the world by converting a 60 year old car to electric, because nobody is ever going to drive 60 miles one way to work in a car like that. I also feel very strongly that the carbon problem starts with the 7 billion people on earth - not the cars they drive. There were 4 billion people on earth when i was born. I'm guessing there will be somewhere around 10 billion by the time i check out. there is no amount of conservation that is going to keep up with that
Intermediate Driver

It's just another way to preserve a few more of them. We all turn into our grandfathers at some point and we will be polishing and parading these relics like my grandpa at his "steam rallies" in England, or some of those old guys who dress up and fire Brown Besses.


Being able to put an electric motor in these things means some of them can continue to  be used in big cities where anything burning oil will undoubtedly be banned, instead of being scrapped.


Gross. An insult to the Porsche marque.
Intermediate Driver