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Hagerty Employee

Never Stop Driving #10: One dollar parking and blown engines

Would you pay 99 cents to have a computer park your car in a crowded city? Stellantis CTO Ned Curic said that customers might pay that amount for a single autonomous parking job, especially if it was an added fee to an existing parking charge.
Intermediate Driver

If your car is set up properly, you don't have to "pitch it" to turn. With proper camber and caster, it wants to turn left all the time.
It is definitely a different world from road racing and autocross!
Intermediate Driver

Hi Larry, it's a great little Friday blog, an easy read as we prepare for big weekends ahead.
You asked for some feedback on content. My 2c would be if, each week, you could include a short feature, or even just a photo with caption, that's road trip related, to inspire those of us who live for the back roads, to take to the streets. Love to hear about adventures on the road, rallies, drive & dines, scenic overlooks, cruises, cars & coffees, preferably in classic rides. Take care,
Pete Engel
New Driver

Hi Larry,
Enjoy the work you do for Hagerty. I am beginning to believe that Hagerty is a new, better alternative to the Hearst publications I grew up with (before Hearst owned them) like R&T, C&D and Autoweek.
I enjoyed your column and look forward to future ones. A comment on the 'subscription model' of paying for automotive features. I hate it. I know it seems to be the 'coming thing', but somehow paying a thousand dollars once for a feature I want seems more acceptable than buying the same product every day or every week. I guess that is why I buy cars more often then I go on vacations.

Keep up the good work.
New Driver

It’s annoying to see you compare micro sprints to go carts. They share virtually nothing

I am pretty open minded on many things. I like technology and advancement in cars.

But I will draw the line at the subscription deals. To pay monthly for things I enjoy for free today are just not what I want.
The plan is to offer item as monthly, yearly or as long as you own the car. Thing like Remote Fob use and other things we now take for granted had never be added to a list of pay to play items.
Thinks like supercruise and other things like this that I have no use for charge them.
I recently turned down a deal on a GM model as they were forcing $1500 of Onstar on me that I do not want. I have no use for Onstar so why pay it. GM I was ready for a new upgrade on my truck but I refuse to pay your toll on the Onstar.

Life has become a nickel and dime deal anymore. Or should a say a $10 and $20 deal as TV was free now we have to pay. Radio was free now we have to pay, What is next air to breath?
As the song say I am not broke but many of us are badly bent due to the economy today.

I have suffered major investment losses and increased costs just to live and I expect a Recession is just around the corner.
So the automakers all had better decide how much value they will deliver in their cars at a one time price.

TV is still free. I get 65 channels with my rooftop antenna (about 10 are worth watching). I've never paid for TV. That said, TV (aka, entertainment) is a waste of life, so it usually gets turned on only before winding down before sleep. Yes, I am married and my wife feels the same way. This is our main TV, the bedroom set is two years newer. The kids (6 & 2) get no vote because they don't pay bills.


Who loves ya baby?old TV.jpg

Pit Crew

I find this subscription model offensive beyond words, and completely unacceptable. Seriously, the vehicle you bought and paid for already has the hardware in place for the feature to function. But, you'd actually like it to work?? That'll be a monthly or yearly bribe to the manufacturer!. No way in H-E-double toothpicks as far as I'm concerned.
Intermediate Driver

Jackson Motor Speedway in Byram, MS?
Hagerty Employee

It's in Jackson, Michigan. Come see us!

the 'EV' revolution.
has anyone wondered about this "push" of technology?
Over build the 'Grid', way too much surplus Electricity generated.
_ they will deny this fact!
Let's have the "FED" push this into force.
No one in their right mind would buy a all Electric Home.
But their buying a vehicle based on this platform?

Coal burning
is the main source of fuel for 'Electrical Plants'
New Driver

Must be nice to have 10k to spend on disposable engines. Hell, just 10k period.
Hagerty Fan
Not applicable

"I’m sure many of you have stories of driving beaters for free, but that’s the exception."

I did it...once.

And only once.

And only for a year.

And only as an experiment.

I'm a bit too concerned for my safety...and everyone else's safety around try that ever again.