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Hagerty Employee

Neon, Neon: Place your bids now for the last-ever Plymouth | Hagerty Media

Remember our recent discussion about the last Plymouth ever made? It didn't even take a month for this piece of modern American history to wind up on Bring a Trailer. Savor the pictures while they're available, however, because time is ticking before it winds up in a private collection, perhaps never to be seen again.
Intermediate Driver

My girlfriend's manual PMYellow Neon SXT kept pace with my '99 Dakota R/T when I tried to show her how fast my truck was one night. I never tried that move again.

Already at $12.5k now so too rich for me. I wonder how long the mufflers lasted on road-going models if this one is that rusty after 68 miles.

Advanced Driver

Sajeev, they finally closed the hood for some good Pictures! lol.
Community Manager

Ready for sale, not just rollin' out of storage. 

Hagerty Employee

A couple days to go and up to $18,500... at least two people recognize the significance of this being the last Plymouth built!