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Hagerty Employee

NASCAR’s Next Gen car delayed until 2022

Due to challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic, NASCAR officials announced late last week that the Next Gen car’s competition debut has been delayed until the 2022 season. According to NASCAR Senior Vice President of Racing Innovation John Probst, the decision was made in collaboration with the OEMs and team owners. The car, which was originally supposed to take the green flag at the 2021 Daytona 500, has been testing at various tracks across the country since the fall of 2019. Earlier this year, we reported that the most recent variant of the Next Gen car, dubbed “P3” was “99 percent ready,” according to Probst. Concerns over the logistical challenges that arise from repeatedly delaying the final tests in cooperation with social distancing protocols likely drove the decision to delay. Read the full article on

New Driver

I don't know, I am not that big into NASCAR. It seems NASCAR is taking design completely away from the engine and chassis builders. Looks like they are trying

to build a  formula 1 car with a "stock" looking body. Go back to real Stock car racing.

New Driver

This is all part of their goal to cut costs. They are looking to have parts from single vendors in order to help teams reduce costs and have more teams that are competitive. It will actually end up costing some money to launch all of this and we'll have to see if it is actually successful.
Pit Crew

Slow them down with more downforce so that touching does not cause a car to go flying high in the air, ala the last lap of the last Daytona 500 which has been happening for way too many years.  


If they would just find a way to use real stock sheet metal with realistic ride heights and keep them safe at the same time. So tired of cars that get a slight crease in a fender and then are "undrivable". Every time they "rub" someone it cuts a tire because clearances are so tight. They're going to restrict engines so there's parity anyway, so a common crate engine isn't much different than what they have now. And it would save a ton of money. The unfortunate side effect is a lot of engine and fan specialists out of work. They can already laser measure bodies now so having honest stock contours could be  readily enforced.

 If the cars ran 25 mph slower and were more recognizable and competitive I believe fans would return to the races as well as encouraging  greater manufacturer participation.( FCa,Honda,VW,Mercedes?)

 Just my 200 cents as a 45 plus year fan and former short track crewman.