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Hagerty Employee

NASCAR's 2021 schedule adds dirt and a whole mess of right turns

Next year, NASCAR haters will have less reason than ever to trot out the line about stock cars “only turning left”—and racing fans 'round the country (and the globe) will be better because of it. NASCAR released its 2021 schedule this afternoon, and the race roster is packed with six road courses. Road racing not your thing? Aside from urging you to reconsider, allow us to suggest the spring race at Bristol where, for the first time since the 1970s, NASCAR drivers will pilot their machines on dirt.


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Pit Crew


New Driver

Love the addition of Road America, and the Circuit of the Americas.......the dirt race at Bristol will pack the stands like the old day....Great job NASCAR


Sorry I was a big of a NASCAR fan as there ever was. I watch in the 60's when all you could get is 15 min slots at a time on the ABC Wide World of  Sports. 


Today they lost me with the Chase and the the Stage BS. 


NASCAR was not broken and they tried to bring fake competition to the series when nearly every year we were to the last race and last lap knowing who was going to win. 


They have taken away much of the innovation they used to always work the grey area but today they have it stopped for the most part. 


What killed it for me is Kyle Bush sitting out half a season but winning the championship. That is total BS no matter who the driver is. 


The Dirt race is long overdue but should be at a real dirt track like Eldora. They should return to more of the short tracks like Wilksboro.  


Most of my favorite racing has been IMSA and Trans Am. Both have had really good racing but IMSA is at another cross road with the losing of Porsche in GTLM. If BMW goes it will be a problem. Only Chevy has been there through it all. I know it is expensive but they need to find ways to keep MFG and even more private teams involved. 


But as it is NASCAR needs to get back to basics to win me back. I never though I would not watch a race but of late I have watched only a few min of a couple races a year. In fact the only full races I have seen were the races at MId Ohio I attended. 


By the way if you want to see real racing go to Bowman Grey Stadium as that is what it is all about.

Advanced Driver

I like the idea that they would add a dirt track.   Teams have multiple cars, and have different cars for a the super speedway like Daytona and Taledega, then the cars that run at Indy (oval) and Pocono are different.    so it will make things more interesting.
I am with another poster, they lost me with the playoff type of scenario, and how they gutted a points system that was in place for 50 years.    I used to watch almost religiously every Sunday from about 2000, and lost interest... 

Community Manager

This is a good start.  Now get rid of the spec race cars and actually turn stock cars into track beasts. 


I was a huge NASCAR fan until they changed the track in Phoenix.  My seat was on the start/finish line row 28 under the announcer's box.  I was always in the shade and out of the rain.  I went for 25 years.  I gave up my tickets the year they moved the start/finish line.  It took me a long time to get those seats.  Now they have been replaced by motorhome spots which cost a small fortune.  I have not watched a single race in protest of what they did to the Phoenix track. 


Love the road racing tracks because you'll never see two trains racing each other like the superspeedways. I long ago stopped watching Daytona and Talladega, preferring short tracks and road courses. Road America is an awesome track and also Watkins Glen. Looking forward to the changes.