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Hagerty Employee

NASCAR Next Gen testing is back on track

NASCAR put all testing on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic and moved the debut of its Next Gen car from 2021 to 2022. With racing now resuming, so has development of the Next Gen car. NASCAR confirms that the Next Gen car will test next week at Dover International Speedway, piloted by driver Cole Custer.


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I don't like this, at all.  What this is going to lead to is a schedule with more road-courses that ovals.  It is a slap in the face to every stock car racing fan in the country!  NASCAR admitted that they turned their backs on us, then said that they would not make that mistake again.  Of course they then doubled-down on what they has said that they would not do.  Steve Phelps, when asked about this next generation car, said something to the effect of "Well, we could go back to racing stock cars, but we are not going to do that!"  In other words, he just said to stock car racing fan, "Take a hike, we DON'T CARE about you!"  With this car being  more suited for road-racing than oval racing, this should indicate where NASCAR intends to go eventually, to an all road-racing schedule.  They can do it without this stock car fan.  Stock car racing is DEAD to NASCAR.  They should just go ahead and change their name to the National Association of Sporty Car Racing.  I say sporty car, because  they are not sports cars.  Going ahead and  divorcing themselves from stock car racing, would be being honest with what few stock car fans that remain, that they haven't run off.  That way, we  could leave and find other things to do with out time.