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My XR250R racing project has turned into a spring snowball | Hagerty Media

The plan for building my tired XR250R into a do-it-all race machine was simple: Replace only what was needed, repair what I could, and ride as much as possible as soon as I could. I can't pinpoint the exact moment that minimalist plan went wildly off the rails, but it certainly has.

Awesome! Good for you Kyle, I like your style. I am very impressed that you decided to tackle the building of the wheels yourself. Although I would never say that in my experience, doing that has been enjoyable, it has been a necessity. I have built my own wheels for decades (albeit, I thread & cut the spokes myself). It is a dying art. Too many people believe that it is just un-imaginable to do this and hence pay BIG $ to somebody else, when in fact it just takes a little patience & brain power. I also like the upgraded brake components. Keep it coming!

After the go-around with this rear wheel it is likely that I will cut and thread my own spokes for the next time I build wheels. I think this particular situation is a combination of so-so quality from the company that cut and threaded them for me and a 30-year old used hub. It's really fighting to get to a roundness that I am comfortable with. Will probably be spending most of today getting it finalized.