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My 1964 Ford Thunderbird

On a rainy night in 1967 I was heading for my girl friends house driving my Heinz company car, a new 67' Plymouth Fury I or as I liked to call it: "Nothing on it; Nothing in it; Nothing under the hood"!  That poop green lumber wagon with the smallest slant six engine, no radio, no air, no power anything.  No wheel disks, no white walls with bench seats!  (That spent more time in the Chrysler repair bays than on the road.)


I came to a stop at a red light and as I gazed to my left this gorgeous dark blue Thunderbird made a left turn and into the local Ford dealership and I followed it onto the new car lot.  I managed to greet the owner questioning his intent and as I had hoped he was trading the Bird in on a new 67' Country Squire Wagon to facilitate his wife and 5 kids.  I struck a deal to purchase the car right there and then for $1,500. and the next day it was mine....and still is.  I had regretted selling my 59' Corvette a few months earlier, but I was really looking for something a little more classy.  I really was a Ford guy at heart and this just proved it.  


I've had many makes and models over the years, but this has been my forever car.  It's had a few mods under the hood, engine modified, trans rebuilt and one refresh on the original Caspian Blue paint to base clear.  I always wanted wide whitewalls on it and pictured it with a continental kit...........after all it's a Boulevard Cruiser, retired now and not in a hurry, but I can still get there as fast as I like. 

The Boulevard CruiserThe Boulevard Cruiser


Holley Street Avenger CarbHolley Street Avenger Carb


A little bling here and thereA little bling here and there