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Hagerty Employee

Mutated Mini Muscle: Zingers turn heads at Detroit's Autorama

Leave it to the smallest cars inside Detroit's Cobo Hall to draw one of the largest crowds. Detroit Autorama, the annual custom car bonanza held in downtown Motor City, features a wild array of vehicles throughout the 600,000 square-feet convention center: vintage show cars, modern drag strip beauties, lowriders, rat rods, tough trucks, and everything in between.

"Detroit’s Cobo Hall".

Former Detroit mayor Albert Cobo was canceled, his bronze bust and name removed from the building. That allowed the city to sell naming rights to a bank so for about a year it was known as the "TCF Center", but TCF merged with another bank so it's now known as "Huntington Place".

I happen to know the guy who controls those banks and the last time I ran into him I told him, "Gary, it doesn't matter what you call that building. People will keep calling it Cobo Hall."

You proved my point.

Detroit's old baseball stadium was called Tiger Stadium, starting in 1961, but before that it was Briggs Stadium, because the Detroit Tigers organization had been owned by Walter Briggs, who also owned the Briggs body company that supplied automakers. Before it was Briggs Stadium it was known as Navin Field, for Frank Navin, who owned the team before Briggs. I don't think I ever heard my mother call the stadium anything other than Navin Field.

The Cleveland ball team will always be the Indians. 


Oh man, I actually built the Corvette kit when I was a kid! I did mine in white, though, and I seem to remember the wheels being tucked into the front fenders (for a much more downward rake).  The engine still sat level to the ground, connected almost directly to the rear diff.  I totally forgot about that!




That original build had to be influenced by Dave Deal’s drawings.
Intermediate Driver

I LOVED building these as a young kid when they were new. Some of the first kits I ever assembled. I loved even more seeing them in the flesh at the Louisville stop on the ISCA circuit in the early-70's.Thrilled that they all still exist- wit, AMAZED that they still exist! This story really made my weekend.
New Driver

Wow, these really bring back memories...

I would love to see these things take off or more likely flip over.
Intermediate Driver

Okay, why does the Dodge have the Ford engine and the 'Vette and the VW have the Mopar engines? This makes no sense to me.
New Driver

It was great to see so many Zingers together even if some of them were reproductions but made from the Chuck Miller molds. It was also very nice to see Denny Miller acknowledged. Denny went to the 1970 Detroit Autorama with a bunch of his models for the model contest (that contest continues to this day). Those models inspired the big wigs at MPC to create the Zinger line. Then Chuck Miller was commissioned to build the half scale versions.