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Hagerty Employee

Music For Your Road, no. 3: Cherish the (non-Classical) Ladies, Part 2 | Hagerty Media

This is a continuation of a long essay. But I think the subject matter deserves thorough coverage. In Part 1, I examined the hard-wired neurological, and the (apparently, universal) cultural reasons why everyone responds strongly to women's singing voices.
Pit Crew

Not too familiar with several of the albums here, but I will attest that Porcelain is a gem... with its Brazilian rhythms, “Genius” is another standout cut.
Intermediate Driver

Of course, I agree--and Miss Fordham doesn't do too badly with the Brazilian Portuguese! Please check out the unfamiliar albums. If you don't want to try Qobuz' 30-day trial offer, I think you should be able to find most of the music on YouTube in one form or another. If you liked "Porcelain," you should also like the final three.

Thanks for reading, john