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Music For Your Road, no. 1: Some jazz records I have loved

(Please welcome former Stereophile author, classical-music producer, and audio-equipment designer John Marks in his debut column for us. John will be sharing his music and knowledge with us on a frequent basis. Most of this music can be heard via any streaming service; the most esoteric selections may require that you be a subscriber to the Qobuz HQ streaming service. Enjoy! --- jb)


There’s respect. And sometimes, there’s also love. Here are some of the jazz recordings I have loved. (So, obviously, this list is both personal, and subjective.)


But first: let me make an attempt at a workable definition that may illuminate the differences between “jazz” on one hand, and popular “instrumental music” on the other.


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Replies (3)

Replies (3)

I've always felt the driving experience is enhanced immensely with the proper soundtrack, so it'll be fun to check out your suggestions here. As a recording engineer of mostly jazz and classical, I've put good audio even in my old cars. One that kinda got out of hand is a '73 Volvo 1800ES in which I put 10 speakers tri-amplified with 8 channels of largely period components (like ADS 2002 bi-amped speakers). I've found myself listening to more music in that car than to the electrostats in my living room. But I'm curious what Qobuz uses for source recordings, especially for these old analog recordings. I hope it's not a vinyl pressing!


Aaron, wonderful musical taste and journalism. It brings me back to wonderful days and nights in Manhattan and Harlem, great ladies, almost everything in the right Key. I have been in a fire in California and lost most of these recordings either as 33s or CDs. So I'm starting again, I'l keep this list for the purpose of assisting an aged memory. 

For Hagerties: At the time I owned a Rambler 4 door sedan, a 6 cylinder automatic in a

terrible light green with a gray interior. The car was so ugly it never got stolen. I was living in Greenwich Village near Washington Square where I got lucky with a parking place close to the apartment. The car sat and I took cabs. They were cheap then. I sold it to a very nice guy for $250.00 if memory serves, and he used it for a long time.

Thank for this, and the memories..........

Intermediate Driver

ALL the good stuff! My Amazon Music account's been hacked!

Pit Crew