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Hagerty Employee

Murray Pfaff’s ‘59 Imperial Speedster is the Mopar moonshot that never was

In the fab ‘50s, when GM and Ford blessed America with tantalizing two-seaters, Chrysler failed to rise to that challenge. Who says that misstep can’t be fixed, no matter how many decades have passed? Certainly not Murray Pfaff, Royal Oak, Michigan’s most creative and industrious automotive imagineer with some 300 car, truck, and motorcycle designs to his credit.


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Hard to believe that all of the Imperialness is kept within a much shorter chassis. Beautiful rendition that keeps the Imperial's essence.


I hope to see it at a concours if they ever open up again!


New Driver

The Imperial Roadster is amazing and beautiful,only improvement IMO would be a full windshield surround it looks a little awkward with no  top rails . And does it have a top?

Pit Crew

It completely lacks any gracefulness and is way to busy.  The eyes just jab left and right, up and down, trying to make sense of what it is seeing.  The proportions seem forced. Are we sure that this did not start out as a Pontiac Aztek? Or maybe the Aztek was born out of this.


Hi Don, 

I love the overall craftsmanship, choice of color (and even the plaid fabric - inside).

One problem...the Driver's door to rear fender Character Line i apparently miss-aligned. It even shows in the distance 3/4 view photo. The passenger side looks fine...with all the hours spent, what is up with that?

I know...picky-picky, but it is kind of glaring for otherwise beautiful workmanship. - Gar

Pit Crew

While I too might have built it differently (if I had Pfaff's skill, dedication and budget - which I don't), I certainly respect his design choices.  I guess the question is: what was his concept?  Is this a car that Chrysler might have built in the late 1950's? A 21st Century hot rod that re-interprets the design ethos of the 50's?  Or simply one man's dream?


To me, a re-creation of what might have been would have been more interesting.  To accomplish that, a full windshield surround, 15" wheels with Chrysler hubcaps and a vintage powertrain would be more appropriate. 


But hey, it's Pfaff's car and if he needs 425 hp and a 300 watt stereo, so be it.


Absolutely wonderful design and execution. The only thing I would change is that the St. Christopher should retract into the dash at speeds over 70. Or maybe start talking to you - "Easy there brother, we're goin' a little fast don't ya think?"

Pit Crew

A Priceless Creation - Suitable for The Peterson Automotive Museum.


This piece of work confirms to me that a Force of Will provides the world something Money can't offer.


Priceless and Timeless.



New Driver

‘59 Cadillac 

New Driver

It is so sad to see you are totally blind.

New Driver

Not feeling this one.  Foose went after the E Type Jag for a makeover, let's see what he would do to this creation.  For starters, the A pillar doesn't come close to intersecting with the front wheel center bumpers look a little heavy, et al.