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Hagerty Employee

Murray Pfaff’s ‘59 Imperial Speedster is the Mopar moonshot that never was

In the fab ‘50s, when GM and Ford blessed America with tantalizing two-seaters, Chrysler failed to rise to that challenge. Who says that misstep can’t be fixed, no matter how many decades have passed? Certainly not Murray Pfaff, Royal Oak, Michigan’s most creative and industrious automotive imagineer with some 300 car, truck, and motorcycle designs to his credit.


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Intermediate Driver

Everybody has their own opinion of what they like in a car, exhibited by what one sees on the road. In my opinion, there are many that were designed by the ugly stick method, knowing that someone would buy the thing, and then there are the most beautiful cars to wear tires that have ever been seen by humans. In my eyes, this is a beautiful car, excellently prepared, well executed, attention paid to detail, and I imagine a great pleasure to drive. I couldn't be a caretaker of this magnificent machine, the same as I could not be a caretaker of many others, because it would take a lot of love to keep it as it is, but I wish the new caretaker the best of luck in caring for it. Kudos to Mr. Pfaff for his vision and bringing his vision to fruition. Comments regarding other builders are offensive, as each brings something to the automotive world. Not everyone is a Picasso, DeGas, or some other artist that can now bring in fantastic $$. There are other artists that produce exceedingly beautiful works of art as well.  This is automotive ART.


This chopped Chrysler is a work of honest art. Don't look real. Maybe the hero car of

a feature length Disney cartoon?


Love it! (Except for the ridiculous giant wheels and the unfinished windscreen, of course.)


Had me until the wheels....

Intermediate Driver

Too short...!!!

Pit Crew

While I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this, to my eye the proportions seem wrong. This style of car needs to be long to make the design work, particularly the back end. The oversized wheels don’t quite work for me either. Just one person’s opinion.

Intermediate Driver

It's starting to look like lots of people think the proportions and rims/wheels/windshield are just not long enouf. Not knockin' the guy just throwin' out an opinion.

Pit Crew

Those that can, do. Those that can't, rant.


To my eye, this is a great creation and if it was manufactured in the time period it was meant to replicate it would have been in strong demand. Wish I had the money.


As the grandson of a Chrysler, Plymouth, Imperial dealer I have mixed emotions about this project. The craftsmanship is impressive for sure. Not a fan of the windshield, the wheels or the body size. Think the car would still be impressive with the body of the original 2 door convertible. I own a 59 Imperial 4 door that is a survivor car and was my grandmothers dealer demo. The one comment I always get is that car is beautiful and it is huge!! While I appreciate Mr. Pfaff's concept I always hate to see a good restorable vehicle chopped up.


The engine looks like it could take flight right out of the engine bay. 

New Driver

I want to love this, but I can't get over the front fenders abrupt connection to the door.  This is accentuated by the chrome spear that stops at the door jamb.  I think this chrome piece should have continued along the door another foot or so to where the crease in the door stops.

New Driver

Well, I think it looks great! Want it!

New Driver

This is what Batman should have driven.  


I think he took about 4" too much out of the door. Proportions are a little off. But I love everything else, But the Plaid inserts.

New Driver

 A dream realized.  Sweet, what more can one say?