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Hagerty Employee

Mud Wrestling: At some point in the '93 Camel Trophy, we began naming the leeches

Back in 1993, I had just been fired as executive editor of Car and Driver. "Gross insubordination" was the charge, although I couldn't see anything gross about it. I was demoted to staff writer and my new office was on the dark side of the atrium at 2002 Hogback Road.

A look back to when many of Car and Driver's writers were real men. Good times.


C/D is unreadable. Don’t know why anyone would follow them.
Advanced Driver

Trolling? Inside joke? C/D has Ezra Dyer, Elena Scherr, "Backfires," and a great new editor, Tony Quiroga.

As for R&T, they went astray soon after John Phillips "retired." Fortunately for JP fans such as I, he has a new book out, as covered by Sam Smith here.

I do not like their editorial slant in reviews. Unlike Hagerty they do not review cars for what they actually are and for the actual people who buy them. They will criticize a normally aspirated motor for not being a turbo. And the Germans can do no wrong in their eyes. Having read C/D during its peak years, today’s version is not even close. 


It's often quite hard to read. The test reports seem to rarely contain actual test results. Too many C/D estimates. I will probably let my subscription run out when it hits the end but that is 2 years away I believe. If it ended today I would not cry.

I agree. I have been reading C/D since 1962, and the last few years have been realllllly sad. I can't wait for my sub to run out! (Ezra Dyer and the letters are the only things worth reading)
Pit Crew

Now I know where those 3 kippers on the Grand Tour (fka Top Gear) got their ideas from.

I'd still like to know what “Gross insubordination” means as there are many levels of gross.

A great story. I absolutely would not want to do it. When you start naming the leaches you have gone too far.
Pit Crew

This article probably resets the top rung. Holy Mother of Malaria...I think I'd pay the cost of my insurance just to keep getting the Hagerty Magazine. Mr. Phillips, pleases cue up another.

Great read! The only thing I’m left pondering is whether those Land Rovers are orange, as the article says, or yellow, as I have always thought…
New Driver

Awesome article!

I'd give a left N*t to have had a adventure like that.
From the sounds of it, I probably would have.
Advanced Driver

Has a well-used SandGlow Land Rover in original patina crossed an auction block lately? Surely there is an instant collectible.

What an absolutely fantastic article. Keep them coming.
Intermediate Driver

About that same time John Phillips wrote a story about a red Taurus SHO wagon, which mentioned reinforcements to the body, and I have always wanted to know specifics about this. What type of metal? How or where was it welded on? Who did the work? I'm curious because I have a 1989 Ford Taurus LX wagon that I'm never going to sell.
Community Manager

He was probably talking about subframe connectors, SHO Source makes them: 

New Driver

In what has to be the most riveting story, yet, in Lord Larry Webster's world class periodical... I have reached a new level of already heightened respect for Sir Phillps! Thank you, Team Hagerty, for pinging memory banks from my University days when I dreamed of how daring "The Trophy" must have been! The Hagerty magazine presentation was amazing and then comes the added bonus of more pics in this digital version! Cake, eat it too!