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Hagerty Employee

Moving a Ferrari and a Cobra to get to a Triumph and Morgan Plus 8 | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 91


The woodie wagon takes a break this week, with Tom focusing less on discovering cars (for once) and instead looking to move a few dirty cars from one resting spot to another. That, to be fair, is a bit of an oversimplification considering he's dealing with a Ferrari and a Cobra that need to get the shove. But they are mighty dirty, and the building they're in is set to be destroyed.


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Two edits:  make the engine run "smoothly" and it may be a "restorer's" dream.
Let's stick to English, please.


Community Manager

Most definitely!  I have made those changes. 


I wouldn't have tossed those steering wheels in the trunk like that, gently place them in there.  

New Driver

Morgan didn't do the propane conversion. The West coast U.S. importer did the conversion and a ton of work with the EPA so that he could continue to bring them to the U.S. Today, all the gas parts are available and they typically are converted back to gas as Morgan intended.

Intermediate Driver

It would be crazy to convert the Morgan to gasoline. Propane burns clean, is readily available everywhere, avoids fuel leaks and stale gas, starts quick, and is safe as fuel floats away rather than dripping.
I have a 1939 Dodge propane truck which sat for years. I turned on the gas and vroom ran perfectly. I would not be surprised if Tom put a battery in the car it would have driven then and there! Why everyone didn’t do this in the 70’s or even now is a mystery to me.